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MG Cyberster 2024: range, pricing and what else to expect from China’s EV sports car


If the spec sheet is anything to go by, the Cyberster is shaping us as more of a rival to the Porsche Boxster rather than the cheaper and smaller Mazda MX-5 

The MG Cyberster is getting closer and closer to an on-sale date and has been confirmed for Australia, but what exactly is the Cyberster? And how much will it cost?

Let’s take a look at MG’s highly-anticipated sports car and what to expect from the new Porsche 718 Boxster and BMW Z4 rival. 

MG Cyberster performance and range

2024 MG Cyberster front 3/4
This is the 2024 MG Cyberster

MG’s upcoming Cyberster is an electric two-door sports car that is built on the same platform as the new MG4 electric hatchback

MG has confirmed that the Cyberster will be powered by either a single- or dual-motor electric setup. The rear-wheel drive single motor is set to have 231kW of power

The all-wheel drive dual-motor variant is set to receive a 150kW front motor and a 250kW rear motor. All up, the Cyberster should be able to accelerate to 100km/h in under four seconds. 

2023 MG Cyberster front end view static red
Expect batteries as big as 77kWh for the Cyberster

Powering the Cyberster will likely be similar battery packs to the related MG4. Expect a choice of a smaller 64kWh battery pack and a larger 77kWh battery pack, depending on which specification is chosen. Electric range could be as high as 500km, but is unconfirmed.

How big is the MG Cyberster?

As for dimensions, EVO reports that the Cyberster’s measurements are quite similar to the current BMW Z4, but a bit longer and wider. The Cyberster is reportedly more than 4500mm long, 1900mm wide and with a 2700mm wheelbase.

The BMW Z4 will be a competitor for the Cyberster, and similar in size

For reference, the current Porsche 718 Boxster measures in at 4379mm long, 1801mm wide and 1295mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2475mm. 

It’s unclear whether or not MG will actually use the Cyberster name for the production vehicle. 

Cyberster release date still pending

MG Australia is yet to confirm exactly when the Cyberster will arrive, but we are estimating that it could arrive around mid- to late 2024 – after the model has gone on sale in markets such as the UK. 

Porsche 718 Boxster 25 Years Rear 3/4
Porsche will have the Cyberster hot on its tail

How much will the Cyberster cost in Australia?

According to EVO Magazine, MG is targeting a £50,000-£60,000 pound price tag (the equivalent of up to AUD$116,000) when the car is launched in Europe and the United Kingdom. 

Pricing for Australia could push out even further to around $130,000 driveaway, but we’re hoping more information will come to light soon.

But even if the MG Cyberster does cost over $100,000 locally, it could still undercut the Porsche 718 Boxster, priced currently from $135,100 before on-road costs. 

2023 MG Cyberster interior leak image
The yoke steering wheel is likely to be an option

What sort of standard tech will it have?

Australian-specific features are yet to be confirmed, however the Cyberster in other markets such as the United Kingdom will come with:

  • Scissor-style doors 
  • LED headlights and tail lights 
  • Three screens for the driver and passenger 
  • A yoke-style multi-function steering wheel (likely to be available as an option)
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Fabric folding convertible roof

Expect more information surrounding MG’s electric sports car to be revealed in the coming months.  

2023 MG Cyberster drop top down view
Scissor-style doors will be standard on the Cyberster

Why is the MG Cyberster an important model for the brand?

MG could be the first to bring an electric two-door sports car to market globally.  

Known for its classic British sports cars produced between the 1960s to the early 2000s, the brand has a rich history with manufacturing drop-top automobiles. Some iconic models include the MG A, MG B and the later-released MG F  

2023 MG Cyberster convertible top half down side angle
MG has been known in the past for its iconic sports cars

And now, MG ould beat Porsche and BMW in bringing an electric sports car to market with its Cyberster creation, and undercut them on price while doing so. 

Porsche is currently working to electrify its 718 Boxster and Cayman, but they might not arrive until 2025 or onwards.

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