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MG Australia expects to sell 2000 MG4s a month by years end, 1000 preorders already taken


MG has its sights set on potentially selling over 20,000 MG4s a year, with plenty of preorders showing promising signs  

It’s showtime for MG’s new kid on the block – the fully-electric MG4 – and the Chinese brand is confident that it’s got the moves to sell well on local shores. 

Having already racked up over 1000 pre orders so far in Australia, MG Australia’s chief executive officer Peter Ciao thinks the model has plenty of potential. 

“I trust that this is not a problem, 1000 a month … and I also trust we work quick, up to 2000 per month (cars sold in Australia)” he said. 

2023 MG4 three cars driving on road
The new MG4 has already gained over 1000 preorders in Australia

Which one of the four variants will be the biggest seller?

“I’m not sure which model is really popular because electric cars for Australia still are a family’s second car. 

“So as a family second car, the 51 absolutely is totally enough. I think the 51 will be very, very popular”.

2023 MG4 Excite 51 front 3/4 driving past
MG Australia’s CEO Peter Ciao thinks the 51 could be the big seller

The base MG4 Excite 51, which we have already tested here at Chasing Cars, uses a 125kW/250Nm rear mounted electric motor and is currently priced from $38,990 before on-road costs.

This makes the base MG4 only $100 more expensive than its closest rival, the BYD Dolphin

2023 BYD Dolphin side profile pink
The MG4 will be battling it out with the upcoming BYD Dolphin

However, Mr Ciao said that the 64kWh models could be popular with fleet and corporate buyers, too. 

The MG4 range will begin to arrive in dealerships this month and can be ordered from MG Australia’s website.