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Which cheap EVs in Australia offer the best range for the money?


Chasing Cars takes a look at which of the cheapest EVs on sale in Australia have the best electric range 

There are now many electric vehicles on the Australian new car market, but which ones offer the greatest driving ranges for the smallest amount of money?

We’ve compiled a list of all the more affordable electric cars money can buy locally – all of which fall under $65K before on-road costs – and compiled them in one list. 

Can any of the cars crack the magic 500km range club but do so in an affordable way? Let’s find out. 

Mini Electric Resolute 2022 side driving shot
The Mini Electric hatch has one of the lowest ranges of this group

While the broader numbers outlined below are manufacturers’ claim, we’ll also cover off actual real-world ranges for the below vehicles that have been subjected to Chasing Cars’ in-house assessment.   

Pricing is before on-road costs. Battery size is usable. 

Which EV is the best value, and which is not so good?

The standout cars that offer the most range for the smallest amount of money come from MG. The soon-to-land MG4 with its long-range 77kWh battery and $55,990 price tag offers an impressive 530km of claimed range. 

Cupra Born Aus launch 2023 performance pack rear 3/4
The Cupra Born has entered the Australian EV scene with a 77kWh battery pack

The MG4 long range is the only vehicle on this list to make it into the 500km-plus club. The Cupra Born comes very close, however, with its 77kWh battery and 492km (WLTP) range. 

The Tesla Model 3 standard range in rear-drive form also has an impressive range of 491km (WLTP), but is more expensive at $61,300 before on-road costs. 

Mini and Hyundai on the more expensive side of things 

Hyundai Kona Electric Highlander 2021 front 3/4
The Hyundai Kona Electric Highlander

On the more expensive side of things, cars such as the Mini Cooper SE electric hatch offer little range for a significant amount of coin. 

The Mini has a range of only 203km (WLTP), yet asks over $60,000 for the privilege. The Hyundai Kona electric also nudges close to the $60,000 bracket and offers just over 300km of range. 

See the full list below:


MG ZS EV 2022 front 3/4 driving
The MG ZS EV is one of the cheapest ways to get into electric motoring

Battery size: 49kWh 

Cost: $43,990

Claimed range: 420km (WLTP)

MG MG4 standard range

MG4 2023 orange rear end
The MG MG4 is soon to enter the Australian electric car market

Battery size: 61.7kWh

Cost: $44,990

Claimed range: 435km (WLTP)

BYD Atto 3 standard range 

BYD’s first car to launch in Australia, the Atto 3, will be followed by more models

Battery size: 49.9kWh

Cost: $48,011

Claimed range: 345km (WLTP)

Nissan Leaf Standard 

Nissan Leaf 2022 front 3/4 side shot
The Nissan Leaf is also available with an extended range version

Battery size: 39kWh

Cost: $50,990

Claimed range: 270km (WLTP)

BYD Atto 3 extended range 

Bigger battery for Atto 3 gives around 420km of range

Battery size: 60kWh usable

Cost: $51,011

Claimed range: 420km (WLTP)

MG MG4 long range

MG4 2023 orange front end cornering
The MG4 with a bigger battery gives an impressive claimed range of 530km (WLTP)

Battery size: 77kWh

Cost: $55,990

Claimed range: 530km (WLTP)

MG ZS EV long range 

MG ZS EV Long Range 2023-3
The long range version of the MG ZS EV will soon be available for Aussie buyers

Battery size: 68.3kWh

Cost: $55,990

Claimed range: 440km (WLTP)

Hyundai Kona electric standard range  

Hyundai Kona Electric Highlander 2021 front 3/4 driving
The Hyundai Kona Electric is one of the pricier EV options locally

Battery size: 39.2kWh

Cost: $58,000

Claimed range: 305km (WLTP)

Cupra Born 

Cupra Born Aus launch 2023 interior pack front
The Cupra Born almost gets to the magic 500km range figure

Battery size: 77kWh 

Cost: $59,990

Claimed range: 492km (WLTP)

Tesla Model 3 rear drive  

2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance black front 3/4
Tesla Model 3 is a big seller locally and gives buyers a pretty good electric range

Battery size: 57.5kWh

Cost: $61,300

Claimed range: 491km (WLTP)

Mini Cooper electric hatch

Mini Electric Resolute 2022 rear driving shot
The Mini Electric hatch has just 203km of range

Battery size: 28.9kWh

Cost: $62,825

Claimed range: 203km (WLTP)

2023 Honda CR-V PHEV charge point
Chasing Cars conducts real-world EV range tests to find out what buyers will really get

Chasing Cars real-world electric range data

During real-world electric range testing conducted at Chasing Cars, we have accurate range results for the following models:

  • BYD Atto 3 Extended Range – 366km 
  • Cupra Born – 469.51km

Be sure to stay tuned to Chasing Cars for more electric car data as we get more EVs through the garage.