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Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid revealed in government documents


Government documents have hinted at a hybrid version of the updated 2022 RAV4 Edge – a variant that has been a petrol-only proposition until now

Toyota is showing clear signs it is ready to launch a hybrid version of the RAV4 in brawnier Edge specification when the facelifted midsize SUV arrives in early 2022.

The fifth-generation RAV4 currently offers three of its four trim grades with a hybrid engine but the top-spec Edge has remained petrol-only since its launch in May 2019.

However, according to official government certification documents lodged in October 2021, the facelifted RAV4 range shows signs of offering a hybrid-powered Edge grade for the 2022 model year.

UPDATE 24/11/21: the RAV4 Hybrid has been confirmed as a new range-topping variant for Australia as a part of the 2022 RAV4 facelift, priced at $52,320.

Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid 2022 Mineral Blue
Government documents have hinted at a hybrid version of the RAV4 Edge that has been petrol-only until now

It comes after pictures of the Japanese model showed a hybrid version of the RAV4 Adventure – the alternative name for the Edge in most other markets.

Read more about the 2022 Toyota RAV4 facelift that’s set to be released in Australia in early 2022:

Key details within the document show that the RAV4’s 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol-hybrid engine is combined with 19-inch wheels – a pairing that has not been seen in any grade previously.

Other signs that point to an Edge Hybrid include the 4615mm length, a measurement that is 10mm longer than other grades – while the facelift appears to have added 10mm to the overall width at 1865mm.

Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid 2022 Mineral Blue front end
The RAV4 Edge equivalent was previously spotted overseas in right-hand drive

The RAV4 Edge also stands 5mm taller at 1690mm thanks to its revised suspension that also provides an equally raised ground clearance at 195mm.

Toyota has previously offered the Edge exclusively with a 2.5-litre direct-injection petrol four-cylinder producing 152kW of power and 243Nm of torque – shared with the MY21 Camry and MY22 Lexus ES250

Instead of the CVT transmission fitted to other RAV4 automatics,  the Edge feeds its grunt to an eight-speed torque-converter auto that drives a mechanical all-wheel-drive system.

If Toyota does introduce an Edge Hybrid model in Australia it will likely be offered in AWD guise only – but will go about it in a different way to the existing model.

Toyota RAV4 Edge 2021 khaki front end
Similar wheel sizes, ride height and the use of a hybrid system point to an Edge Hybrid

All RAV4s with an AWD hybrid set-up use the same 2.5-litre engine in a lower state of tune (131kW/221Nm) but with the added assistance of an electric motor at the front and another at the rear – boosting total power output to 163kW.

In addition to an increase in power, the adoption of a hybrid system will improve fuel economy dramatically, with the previous petrol-only Edge using 7.5L/100km on the combined cycle compared to 4.8L/100km in a RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid AWD.

The facelifted RAV4 is set to go on sale in Australia in early 2022 so it won’t be long before we receive official confirmation on the updated model range.