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Toyota RAV4 2022: facelifted Australian range previewed in the US


Updated American RAV4 range previews much of what Australian buyers can expect from the refreshed Toyota SUV

Toyota has revealed the full facelifted RAV4 SUV lineup for the United States market, providing useful insight into what the Australian range will look like when it arrives in early 2022.

Australia’s local line-up is unlikely to grow to the seven trim grades that make up the large American RAV4 range – instead, the local GX, GXL, Cruiser and Edge trims are expected to remain albeit with a host of changes.

UPDATE 24/11/21: the full 2022 RAV4 range has been priced for Australia.

Toyota RAV4 US 2022 front 3/4
Toyota has unveiled the facelifted RAV4 that provides insight into the 2022 Australian range

Australia’s specifications broadly align to the American-market RAV4 LE (GX), XLE (GXL), Limited (Cruiser), and Adventure (Edge).

With RAV4 sales continuing to grow in Australia, Toyota has left the exterior and interior design largely unchanged, save for a few changes such as a new LED headlight and taillight design matched with some new wheel choices.

While new headlight graphics are a relatively limited change, their prominent new pattern means the front end of the SUV looks remarkably different.

Toyota RAV4 US 2022 headlight
The new LED headlight design makes a dramatic difference to the front styling

The interior of the US RAV4 receives a locking glovebox and LED interior lights across the range with the XLE grade and above receiving illuminated interior switches.

Toyota has also switched to a more utilitarian design for the infotainment screen but given that the Japanese RAV4 does not carry over this change Australia may not receive it.

In the US, the RAV4 XLE, Limited and Adventure grades see a slimmer LED fog light design adopted, meaning we could see similar on the GXL, Cruiser and Edge.

Toyota RAV4 US 2022 wheel
A new wheel design is offered on some grades

Buyers who opt for the Cruiser Hybrid grade in Australia have been restricted to 18-inch wheels, while petrol-only models received the larger 19-inch wheels – a decision that has continued on the facelifted RAV4 Limited grade in the US.

The requirement for smaller wheels is likely due to the need for thicker tyres to help the suspension remain comfortable and compliant despite the added 70kg heft of the hybrid system.

However, a new wheel design with a split five-spoke design and finished in black has also been offered for the RAV4 XSE Hybrid that will likely be shared on the Limited Hybrid in the US, and could act as some recompense for the smaller size. 

Toyota have corrected a significant flaw with the RAV4 Limited for 2022, with eight-way power adjustment with variable height added to the passenger seat – with the same change believed to flow through to the Australian-market RAV4 Cruiser in facelift form. The previous manually-adjustable passenger seat had no height adjustment at all.

Toyota RAV4 US 2022 screen
The US-market RAV4 switches to a more utilitarian design for the touchscreen

One possible change for the facelifted Australian line-up is the addition a hybrid option for the RAV4 Edge after it was previously pictured in right-hand drive form in Japan, where the Edge is known as the Adventure – as it is in nearly every market outside of Australia.

Notably, Toyota USA has decided not to adopt an Adventure Hybrid specification, continuing to offer the rugged trim exclusively as a non-hybrid 2.5-litre petrol with AWD – as it is today in Australia in Edge trim.

The facelifted RAV4 is set to make its debut in the first quarter of 2022 so an official list of specification changes and updated pricing will be made available soon.