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Toyota Hilux Rogue 2023: new widebody design, rear disc brakes and other upgrades for luxury-spec ute


The Hilux Rogue variant will get several enhancements arriving in the fourth quarter of 2022

The Toyota Hilux Rogue luxury ute will be upgraded in Australia in the final quarter of 2022 – between October and December of this year – with a tougher widebody look and a range of mechanical upgrades that finally include rear disc brakes.

A wider track, uprated suspension and brakes and enhanced safety features will come to the Rogue model which Toyota says is a “significant performance and capability upgrade”. Pricing for the beefier-looking 2023 Rogue has not yet been released.

We can expect to see the new and improved Toyota Hilux Rogue in the brand’s Australian dealerships by the end of the year – though it’s possible with stock remaining tight the vehicle will in effect be a build-to-order ute as all high-spec Hiluxes currently are.

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2022 front end view
The Toyota Hilux Rogue for 2022 has a wider stance than before

The adoption of a tougher Rogue specification is likely to help the Hilux compete with the incoming, all-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak with its powerful V6 engine and also soon to be revealed next-gen Volkswagen Amarok

Toyota has also announced that a new “apex off-road variant, replacing the Hilux Rugged X” will launch soon, with details to be announced soon – a vehicle that could be the long-vaunted Hilux GR Sport, an expected Ranger Raptor and Navara Warrior rival.

Toyota says it has sold more than 17,000 Rugged X and Rogue models in Australia since the arrival of the variants in 2018.

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2022 side profile from rear
Wide wheel arches certainly stand out

What will be different in terms of specification for the Hilux Rogue?

The Rogue model gains a wider track – meaning that the distance between the left and right side tyres is increased – as well as a revised suspension setup. 

Toyota has extended the front suspension arm and stabiliser bar length and also adjusted shock absorber angle to “improve efficiency”. 

The engine is expected to be unchanged from the current 2.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel unit that produces 150kW of power and 500Nm of torque.

2022 Toyota Hilux SR5 review white ute - exterior engine bay
The Hilux Rogue currently uses a 150KW/500Nm turbo-diesel four

Currently, the Hilux Rogue is offered only with a six-speed torque converter automatic transmission, though other Hilux variants also have a cheaper six-speed manual option.

For the first time on a Hilux ute, a rear stabiliser has been installed to better enhance cornering and general ride comfort. 

Toyota says that the suspension changes help to improve roll rigidity by 20 percent and also “improve steering feel when cornering and changing lanes”.

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2022 side profile
The Rogue now looks tougher than ever with its pumped up guards

Another big change is to the Rogue’s brakes, which are now disc all-round, replacing the standard and ageing rear drums. The front disc brakes have been enlarged by one inch to 17-inches in size.

The new and improved Hilux Rogue also scores wider wheel arch fenders and mudguards to accommodate the wider track. 

What about the rest of the Hilux range in Australia?

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2022
The outgoing Hilux Rogue for reference: Note the arches

Toyota will also focus on improving several other areas of the Hilux range, which is extensive in size. 

The Hilux SR extra and double cab variants will now be fitted with black 17-inch alloy wheels and body coloured door handles. 

The SR5 will gain extra safety equipment as standard, including blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, which are also included on the updated Rogue. A panoramic surround view monitor has also been added to SR5 Hilux models. 

Updates have also been applied to the anti-theft system on automatic SR5 Hiluxs and above, which replaces the steering wheel lock with a ID box anti-theft immobiliser.