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Nissan Patrol Warrior 2023: petrol V8 rumble teased ahead of late 2023 debut


Enhanced Premcar in Victoria, Nissan’s hardcore Aussie-developed Patrol Warrior will be available to purchase late 2023

Nissan Australia has given us another look at the upcoming Patrol Warrior through a short teaser video that was posted to Premcar’s official YouTube channel. 

At just 17 seconds long, the video doesn’t give away much, but shows the SUV sliding through dirt in low light. 

2023 Nissan Patrol Warrior front 3/4 teaser
This teaser gives us our best look at the Patrol Warrior yet

Through most of the clip, music can be heard playing, but towards the end, Nissan has given us our first taste of the 5.6-litre V8 breathing through its new set of dual side-exit pipes that have been seen in previous teasers. 

Speaking of the engine, Nissan previously confirmed that Premcar, the Victorian engineering collaborator of the Patrol Warrior, will leave the engine as is when building the forthcoming model, meaning that peak outputs of 298kW/560Nm will remain unchanged. 

Despite this, the Warrior will benefit from “improved ground clearance, a wider stance and improved ride and handling,” elements that can currently be found with Premcar’s Navara Warrior

Nissan Patrol Warrior side exit exhaust
Nissan has previously shown off the side-exit exhaust pipes of the Patrol Warrior

Previous teaser images have shown the Warrior sitting on large all-terrain tyres, and sporting a pair of the aforementioned side-exit exhaust pipes. 

Nissan Australia managing director Adam Paterson had previously expressed his confidence in the Patrol Warrior program, stating that it “will be a huge success” in the local market. 

“The Warrior program, our collaboration with Premcar, has already proven immensely popular in Australia,” Paterson said. “Our collaboration…is all about developing vehicles that are perfectly suited to Australian customers and conditions.”

Premcar has previously worked with Nissan on the Navara Warrior range

The Nissan Patrol is currently sold in two guises locally, with the entry-level Ti starting at $82,160 before on-road costs and the range-topping Ti-L starting at $95,115 before on-road costs. 

With this pricing structure in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Patrol Warrior priced upwards of $110,000 when it finally launches locally later this year.