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Nissan EV architecture 2022: What is the CMF-EV platform?


Known as the ‘magic flying carpet’ within Nissan, the CMF-EV platform is set to be a critical part of Nissan’s Ambition 2030 future model plan

The new Nissan CMF-EV platform is not a platform for just one brand. Instead, it will underpin many of the cars in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. How many models, exactly? CMF-EV will reportedly form the basis of 15 electric models by 2030.

Nissan says there are several benefits to its new EV platform including exceptional interior space, a longer cabin to vehicle length ratio, and the ability to accommodate Nissan’s “state of the art” e-4orce drivetrain technology.

The Nissan Ariya will lead the way as the first vehicle introduced on this platform and will be manufactured at Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the United Kingdom.

Nissan Ariya CMF-EV platform
The Nissan Ariya will be a step up from the Nissan Leaf which has been on sale for years

Flat floor means more space and a lounge-like interior 

The CMF-EV platform’s highest priority was making the cabin as spacious as possible. 

The battery packs for the platform have been designed to be as flat as possible, while the motors are integrated as close to the front and rear axles as possible. 

With the obvious absence of a transmission tunnel, the CMF-EV platform enabled designers to work with a blank canvas free of any obstruction. In the Ariya, the air-conditioning unit has been moved further forward to free up more space for optimising the seating positions of the front and rear seats. According to Nissan, this creates a “sense of roominess” with more legroom throughout, as if the passengers were situated in a lounge. 

Further customisation of the cabin is possible thanks to a movable centre console. 

Nissan CMF-EV platform
The CMF-EV platform has a very flat battery layout to increase interior space

Flexible drivetrain options 

The CMF-EV platform is able to accommodate a wide range of powertrain options including both single- and dual-motor set-ups.

This is where the ‘e-4orce’ system comes into play as Nissan’s “most advanced all-wheel control technology”.

Striking “a balance between powerful performance and unprecedented control”, the e-4orce system also minimises vehicle pitch under braking and optimises brake balance between the front and rear to deliver what Nissan claims is a stable and smooth ride for driver and passengers. 

So when can customers get their hands on this new technology?

Nissan CMF-EV e-4orce system
The e-4orce system has dual motors to give an all-wheel drive experience

The Nissan Ariya is now available for pre-order in the UK, the Netherlands and Norway, with the market further opening to the rest of Europe soon, says Nissan. 

Ariya will arrive in other European countries throughout the summer of 2022. 

What is the Nissan Ariya?

Chasing Cars has already covered the Ariya in detail here but as a brief recap, the electric SUV will be the next instalment in Nissan’s broader EV plan, boasting 500km of range which is a big improvement over the Leaf’s 385km. 

The Ariya will share its platform with the Renault division’s Alpine G X-Over as it is part of the same alliance, but we know that the Ariya will likely appear in public first. 

Nissan Ariya CMF-EV with e-4orce
The Nissan Ariya boasts a battery range of 500km

A spokesperson for Nissan Australia said: “We are in ongoing discussions with the global team about Ariya for Australia. It is a brilliant vehicle, we would love to see it for Australia. No further details are confirmed.”

The Nissan Ariya will be available with two battery pack sizes: a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery with a usable 63kWh and a larger 87kWh battery pack (where you will get 500km of range out of one charge). 

Entry-level Ariyas will feature a single motor set-up that produces 160kW/300Nm and sends drive exclusively to the front wheels. 

Nissan CMF-EV battery pack
The battery pack is extremely flat which is a benefit for cabin space

The Ariya’s power output climbs to 178kW if the larger 87kWh battery pack is chosen. 

The top-spec Ariya will be powered by a dual-motor powertrain that produces 290kW/600Nm – enough to cover the 0-100km/h sprint in a claimed 5.7 seconds. 

Globally, the Nissan Ariya will compete with EVs such as the Tesla Model Y, Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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