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Mahindra to bring global Hilux and Ranger ute rival to Australia by 2027


The Indian carmaker has confirmed it will build a new pickup based off the same platform as the current Scorpio SUV

Mahindra will go all out and target the likes of the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger with a new ‘global pickup’ vehicle which it intends to release in Australia by 2027. 

The pickup is almost certainly to ride upon a modified version of the Scorpio SUV’s body-on-frame platform, where it’s also likely to gain the same powertrain option – a 2.2-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine with outputs of 129kW/400Nm.

It’s unclear what the mystery ute would be called, or if it would directly succeed the current ‘Pikup’ utility in Mahindra’s lineup.

The current Mahindra Pikup ute

Speaking with Chasing Cars, Mahindra’s president of automotive, Veejay Nakra, said that the ute and Scorpio would share the same DNA. 

“The Scorpio is a very capable ladder frame SUV. So clearly, given that we make authentic ladder frame SUVs, the DNA would come from there,” Nakra said. 

Mr Nakra also told Chasing Cars that the diesel power would be a high priority for the global pickup. 

Mahindra Scorpio 2023 puddle
Next Mahindra ute is likely to use Scorpio underpinnings

“We will consider multiple sorts of fuel application and powertrains. Bringing in a diesel product would be our first priority into the market, and that’s where the largest volume sits.” 

Australian feedback to go into development of future ute 

Australia will play a significant part in the development of the future global pickup, says Mr Nakra. 

2020 Mahindra Black Edition mHAWK PikUp
Mahindra is targeting the likes of Toyota and Ford

“We would work with local channel partners and customers of Australia to bring all of those insights into creating the global pickup.

“We would make it for specific markets [like Australia],” he said. 

When asked about whether Mahindra’s global pickup could compete with the likes of the Hilux and Ranger, Mr Nakra said the brand has its eyes on them.

Ford Ranger Sport V6 2023 driving front 3
Mahindra will need a mighty ute to topple the current Ford Ranger

“It would be a full scale lifestyle pickup, and the brands that you talked about would definitely be in the competing set”. 

Although Mr Nakra did not go as far as confirming a complete ute lineup, he did say, “Once you talk about creating a global pickup, it would have single cab, double cab, it would take care of the larger segments”.

Electric pickup could be a possibility, but not confirmed just yet 

2023 Mahindra XUV700 bright
Mahindra is expanding its lineup in Australia with the XUV700 SUV

Although it’s still very early days, Chasing Cars got the chance to ask Mahindra’s president of automotive whether the future ute could be electrified.

“We will consider multiple sorts of fuel application and powertrains … At what point in time with the cost of battery and EV, the range that one gets with the load that you carry, charging infrastructure [etc.]: I think there are multiple pieces of the jigsaw that will need to fall into place”. 

Even if it isn’t a clear confirmation, Mr Nakra did say, “Obviously [electrification] will be an important part of anyone’s global pickup strategy”.

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