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Has Hyundai just named their all-electric ute?

Olek Novak

Hyundai’s electric lineup could be expanding with two Ioniq-branded electric utes

Two trademark applications by Hyundai in Australia may have revealed potential names for the long-speculated but as yet unconfirmed ute – or utes. 

The Korean brand currently has two open applications for ‘Ioniq T7’ and ‘Ioniq T10’, which were filed on December 27th and are currently undergoing a consideration process on the IP Australia website.

It isn’t explicitly stated in the application that the names relate to a ute, with a broad umbrella of labels marked on the file ranging from automobiles to electric cars, trucks and SUVs.

Hyundai is expanding its electric-only Ioniq sub-brand

However, while the automaker has not officially confirmed production of a ute, it has been a long speculated possibility for many years, with most recent Chasing Cars reports that an electric-only ute was under active consideration.

Certainly, the trademark filings under the Ioniq subrand would make sense in this regard, and it’s possible that the ‘T’ designation could refer to ‘truck’ – a logical inference given the importance of pickup vehicles to the American market. 

However, the filing of two names is an interesting development, given it could suggest two utes – potentially a larger flagship and a smaller sibling – or, on the flipside, it could simply be two different naming options for a sole model. 

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of two ‘Ioniq’ vehicles currently offered in Australia

Either way, a ‘T10’ name would suggest a range-topping variant which, based on nomenclature, could be larger in size than the upcoming Ioniq 7 seven-seat large SUV, suggesting a more substantial ute and potentially Ford F-150-style rival.

If speculation is correct, the ute or utes would join a growing lineup of Ioniq electric vehicles which already includes the Ioniq 5 medium SUV, Ioniq 6 sedan and the aforementioned but not yet revealed Ioniq 7.

It’s not clear what platform the Hyundai electric ute could sit on, though Hyundai’s Integrated Modular Architecture likely has the flexibility to form the basis for a large pickup.

Ford F-150 XLT SWB 2024 beach front 3/4
It’s possible the Hyundai ute could have vehicles like the Ford F-150 in its sights

An electric ute wouldn’t be the first pickup vehicle from the brand, although it would be its first in Australia – Hyundai already manufactures the Santa Cruz ute in the US but this isn’t made available for right-hand-drive markets overseas. 

While it seems Hyundai has all but ruled out an internal combustion ute, its sister brand Kia is moving forward with plans to release its first pickup truck – expected to be called the Tasman –  as a diesel powered ute in 2025. It’s widely expected that EV variants of that ute will later follow. 

2025 Kia Tasman ute render. Credit- Sustvin
A render of the Kia Tasman ute (Image credit: Sustvin)

The extremely lucrative ute market is a clear opportunity for Hyundai and Kia – Australia’s number five and four car brands respectively – to grow sales locally, with last year’s top 3 cars all falling in the category

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