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Genesis GV90 three-row SUV previewed by Neolun concept reveal


A new concept has given us the best look yet at the future Genesis GV90 large three-row luxury SUV model that is expected to debut in the next couple of years.

Genesis pulled the covers off the Neolun concept SUV – the name means ‘new moon’ in a mish-mash of Greek and Latin – at a private event ahead of this week’s 2024 New York auto show.

Styling was led by Genesis chief creative officer Luc Donckerwolke who labelled the SUV “the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

Genesis lacks a truly full-size three-row SUV. A production GV90 model is well advanced and it’ll wear styling largely borrowed from the Neolun.

This is the Genesis Neolun concept SUV

While the Neolun concept is presented as electric, it is possible that the GV90 will offer buyers the choice of fully-electric propulsion or hybrid combustion engines.

The luxury offshoot of Hyundai, Genesis had committed to releasing only electric models from 2025 but the brand has now committed to launching hybrids to help fill the gap.

Visually, the Neolun has tough and traditional SUV proportions with a disciplined two-box shape ensuring decent headroom for those in the back. The concept features coach doors that Genesis designers indicate might be feasible for production.

The Neolun looks like a comfortable place to spend time!

Lighting adopts the brand’s signature two-line design around a crest grille at the front with a dual full-width rear lightbar finishing off the vehicle smartly.

It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the Mercedes-Maybach GLS from the Neolun’s chrome pillar and daylight opening treatment – and there is more than a nod to Benz in the adoption of huge monoblock-like alloys.

Inside, the Neolun adopts a fresh dashboard treatment that is a break in what is currently utilised in the brand’s GV60, GV70 and GV80 crossovers.

An inside look at the futuristic Neolun concept

The highly conceptual Neolun interior adopts a yoke-style steering wheel and a huge screen – but there is relief in a number of physical controls being retained as toggles beneath the display and a rotary dial between the front seats.

While the concept is a two-row, four seat vehicle with a futuristic rotating seat design and radiant heating tech evoking Korean ondol methods, the production GV90 is nearly certain to have three rows.

Genesis are, however, considering an ultraluxe four-seat version for chauffeur-driven duties.

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