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DS E-Tense Performance Prototype 2022: 600kW electric concept revealed


The dual-motor electric sports car has roots in Formula E making a clear statement that the future doesn’t have to be boring

DS Automobiles is doubling down on its all-electric legacy with a performance prototype called the E-Tense Performance that harnesses the power of a Formula E car.

The showcase of electric muscle comes as the Citroen-owned DS brand aims to shift its entire line-up to electric power by 2024.

Built around a carbon monocoque chassis, the all-electric coupe features two electric motors, one at the front and rear, which produce 600kW of power combined. 

DS E-Tense Performance 2022 rear 3/4 shot
If produced, the E-Tense Performance could be a seriously quick supercar

Torque is rated at 8000Nm, however it is uncertain as to whether that figure is from the hub or the electric motors, where most car manufacturers measure torque, or at the wheels themselves, which would provide a significantly larger figure.    

DS has been involved in Formula E since 2016 where it operates as part of Team Techeetah. 

Like most concept prototypes, the design is dramatic and designed to grab attention, though some features are unlikely to make their way onto a potential production model due to legislated requirements or build costs.

DS E-Tense Performance 2022 side static
Power is rated at 600kW, with torque up to 8000Nm

The E-Tense Performance uses 800 individual LED lights to make up the DRL signature for the car. The unique exterior paintwork changes colour depending on the direction you look at it. 

Designers have fitted 21-inch wheels at each corner, while inside the concept features  bucket seats and a Formula E steering wheel. The interior is lined with black leather to add a level of comfort for the driver and passenger. 

DS E-Tense Performance 2022 rear shot
There is a lot going on with the design but it certainly looks ‘on-trend’

Adding some grand touring ability to this luxury two-door coupe is a FOCAL Utopia sound system with a pair of custom-made Utopia Evo speakers. 

From February 2022, the first tests of the E-Tense Performance will begin, with Formula E drivers testing and finalising the development. The next stage will be testing the electric sports car on road and track according to the company.