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2022 Ford Ranger Raptor and Everest spotted in Victoria


Spy shots of the new-generation Ford Ranger and its Everest wagon sibling are coming in thick and fast ahead of the Ranger’s imminent reveal next week

Prototypes of the Ford Ranger Raptor and the closely related Everest large SUV have been spotted deep in the Victorian wilderness.

In pictures shared to a 4WD enthusiast Facebook page (Vic High Country Trips, Info, Vehicle Setups), the pair are spotted covered in camouflage and driving along the Blue Rag Range Track in the Victorian High Country.

Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 front camo
The Ford Ranger Raptor has been spotted driving in Victorian High Country

Ford has already revealed partial images of the new-gen Ranger and prototypes are regularly said to be driving around Australia ahead of its full unveiling on November 24,  however the high-performance Ranger Raptor is yet to be seen without camouflage.

Key details such as the bulging wheelarches, chunkier tyres and twin exhausts hint that this Ranger prototype is a Raptor – a model that has earned considerable praise in the current PX III generation.

Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 camo
Details such as the widened wheel arches and twin exhausts point to this being a Ranger Raptor

Pictured alongside is a camouflaged Everest which shares the same platform as the Ranger utility and is expected to be revealed soon after, likely early in 2022.

The Everest prototype is kitted out with several upgrades including wider tyres, a bullbar, snorkel, and extra storage on the roof including a ladder, just in case Ford’s engineers really get into some strife. 

Ford Everest 2022 camo rear 3/4
A slew of off-road modifications show that Ford’s engineers are likely pushing the car hard

As we’ve seen from previous teasers – and imagined in our previous render – the Everest has a similar front end to the Ranger, with a design inspired by the F-150 full-size ute.

The tail-lights seen here features a similar rounded design, matched with a set of lower reflectors and a rear bumper with a deliberate cut out for the tow bar. 

Ford Everest 2022 render front 3/4
Chasing Cars has created a render based on the recent spy shots of the Everest

Ford has spoken at length about the amount of local testing and development that has gone into the new-generation Ranger, which includes over 625,000km on bitumen and many more kays off-road. 

Chasing Cars has written a separate article on what to expect from the new-gen Everest, which will be pitched as the local alternative to the US-market Bronco in Australia.