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Toyota reveals first battery-electric Hilux concept


Although years away, the battery-electric Hilux Revo could be Toyota’s answer to rivals such as the Ford F-150 Lightning or LDV eT60  

As part of Toyota Thailand’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the company also teased two future pickups: the Hilux Revo and IMV 0. 

Presented as a single-cab Hilux with a long rear tray attached, the battery electric (BEV) Hilux Revo is the first of its kind from the Japanese automaker. 

However, the Revo was not the only ute to be displayed. Toyota also showed off its IMV 0 model, an almost Jimny-looking front-end merged with a low rear tray. 

2022 Toyota Hilux Revo electric concept
The 2022 Toyota Hilux Revo electric concept

Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda said that “between them, they represent two different ends of the automotive spectrum for different needs and different customers.

“One designed to support economic growth and mobility for all, and one designed to support carbon neutrality and a better environment for all,” Toyoda continued. 

Toyoda also said that he believed it would take much longer for BEVs to become mainstream, rather than “what the media has led us to believe”. 

Toyota IMV 0 ute concept 2022
Toyota also showed off this IMV 0 ute concept

Toyota has been widely criticised for its slow up-take on electric vehicles, but recent reports have indicated that the company is restructuring its electric vehicle plans for the near future. 

The news about the electric Revo concept comes after Toyota UK announced it would be building a hydrogen-electric Hilux as a prototype, further solidifying Toyota’s plans to be one of the global leaders in eliminating emissions. 

What do we know about an electrified Hilux?

Akio Toyoda with the Hilux Revo performance model 2022
Akio Toyoda showed up to the event with this wild-looking sports Hilux

Future plans for the Hilux have been a well-kept secret. Its next generation is likely only a couple of years away, where we could see a hybrid model brought to market here in Australia. 

Chasing Cars has previously speculated that the hybrid V6 powertrain from the current Toyota Tundra could fit within the engine bay of the next Toyota Hilux. 

Information on a fully-electric Hilux is still pretty slim, however the electric Hilux could use technology already used in the BZ4X electric SUV, BZ3 or Lexus RZ

Toyota Tundra 2022 red on hill
The next Hilux could get Toyota Tundra hybrid power

Range and efficiency will be the biggest development challenges for Toyota. Not only will the company need to make sure the Hilux can travel long touring distances, but also work efficiently, both on road and off road.  

A crucial model for the brand, the Hilux has been in production since 1968. The future BEV model is one Toyota needs to get right from the get-go.