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Toyota Hilux 2023: hydrogen fuel cell version being developed in the UK


A Hilux ute will gain a hydrogen-fuel cell in prototype phase during 2023, using similar technology to the Toyota Mirai sedan

Can you imagine your Hilux ute being powered by anything other than diesel? A new project by Toyota UK next year might just change that. 

Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK has secured government funding to build a Toyota Hilux prototype that runs on nothing but hydrogen and electricity. 

Four companies will come together for the project, a venture that will see Toyota’s second-generation fuel cell technology put to use. 

Toyota Hilux Hydrogen 2023 side angle
The Toyota Hilux Hydrogen prototype will use tech from the Mirai sedan

It’s the same hydrogen system used in the Toyota Mirai, a model that arrived in Australia last year for lease to a limited number of customers. 

Hydrogen is stored in three tanks which is then compressed to make electricity for the onboard electric motors. The Toyota Mirai had a range of 650km (WLTP)

A Toyota Australia spokesperson told Chasing Cars that the company welcomes the announcement of the hydrogen-powered Hilux in the UK.

“We will follow the development of these prototype vehicles with great interest, particularly given the importance of Hilux as the best-selling vehicle in our market”.

Would a hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux work in Australia?

The 2022 Toyota Mirai

Driving a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Australia is a challenge, as there is currently very limited infrastructure to support the application. 

Toyota’s centre of excellence in Altona, Victoria, is currently one of just two places in Australia where you can refuel a hydrogen vehicle – the other is located in Canberra. 

While the new hydrogen Hilux would likely have a range of around 500km (WLTP), a lack of fueling stations would make driving such a vehicle almost impossible in the current climate. 

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2023 rear driving
Will we ever see a hydrogen Hilux in Australia? never say never

Toyota Motor Europe’s president and chief executive officer Matt Harrison said that “the UK is one of the key markets for pick-up trucks and an important market for Toyota”.

However, Australia is also on the list as a big market for utility vehicles, so could we see a hydrogen Hilux here in the future?