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Subaru Solterra 2022: marque’s first EV not for Australia


Subaru’s first venture into electric vehicles will begin next year as the wider industry steamrolls towards electrification.

Subaru has announced its first fully-electric vehicle known as the Solterra that will debut internationally in 2022.

While the EV SUV will be launched in the United States, Canada, China, Europe, and Japan; Subaru Australia says the Solterra will not be offered to us at this stage.

Subaru Solterra 2022 badge
Subaru had unveiled its first fully electric car in the form of an SUV named the Solterra

However, David Rowley, the corporate affairs manager at Subaru Australia, said this didn’t necessarily mean electrification was off the table for Australia. 

“Future electric vehicle projects form part of ongoing dialogue between Subaru Australia and the factory,” he said.

The Solterra is the result of a team effort from major shareholder Toyota and the Subaru brand who have created the new e-Subaru Global Platform that will make its debut in the new SUV.

Toyota bZ4X 2022 front
The Solterra bares strong resemblance to the bZ4X which was developed between Subaru and Toyota

Unlike Toyota, which unveiled its bZ4X concept as the first of seven new battery-electric vehicles to be launched by 2025, the Solterra is so far the only model promised by Subaru.

While the teaser photos are just that, the shape of the Solterra bears a significant resemblance to the bZ4X with low rear window lines and a spoiler that hangs off the rear.

Subaru Solterra 2022 teaser
Import figures remain under wraps for now but we’ll find out more closer to the launch date next year

At the front, the bonnet lines cut a valley between the pumped-up wheel arches, though Subaru has offered their own take on the headlights that more closely resemble the latest Subaru Outback with a u-shaped design.

Specs and benchmark figures remain under wraps for now but we’ll find out more closer to the launch date next year.

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