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Ram 1500 Electric 2024: Ram asks customers for input into its future electric pick-up


Ram has invited US customers to join the ‘RAM Revolution’ and help the company envision its future electric pick-up truck, in preparation for a 2024 on-sale

Spoiler alert: Ram is planning to develop an electric pick-up truck – the Ram 1500 BEV – in 2024. 

As part of the planning efforts for this new electrified ute, Ram has launched the ‘Ram Revolution’ – an online portal to allow customers to contribute to its design and development. 

The goal behind the ‘hub’ is to allow the general public to have an open conversation about future Ram products and how they can best suit their needs. 

Ram 1500 electric platform 2024
The electric platform of the new Ram Electric 1500 utilises a familiar skateboard battery layout

Ram chief executive officer Mike Koval Jr. said that the brand has a history of revolutionising the broader US pick-up category, and is “laser-focused on doing so again with the best electric trucks on the market”.

With the announcement of the Ram Revolution hub, the brand has also showcased concept imagery of the new electric ute and the platform that it will sit on. 

Ram has plans to offer electrified solutions for many of its segments by 2025, and its full portfolio no later than 2030 – placing it behind the likes of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T which are already coming to market in the USA. 

Ram 1500 electric silhouette 2024
Not much to see here, but it is certainly promising

What could the Ram 1500 electric ute be like?

There are no specifications or power outputs just yet for the new Ram electric pick-up, however it could offer similar or better performance than the existing Ram 1500 V8 petrol version currently on sale here in Australia. 

Featuring a large and relatively thirsty 5.7-litre Hemi V8, the 1500 variant of the Ram pick-up truck makes 291kW of power and 556Nm of torque.

Ram 1500 DT Limited 2021 driving off road
The current HEMI V8-powered Ram 1500 could have an electric replacement soon

It is paired to a eight-speed torque-converter automatic that distributes power through a four-wheel drive system.

It is likely that an electric Ram 1500 could use dual motors for a four-wheel drive system of its own, likely with much more torque than before thanks to the wonders of electricity.

The petrol-powered Ram 1500 can tow up to 4.5 tonnes so expect the electric version with more grunt to at least approach that figure.