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Haval H6 GT: no hybrid powertrain for affordable coupe SUV

John Law

Haval has launched the new H6 GT coupe-SUV in Australia, but there are no plans to introduce the wagon body’s hybrid powertrain

The Haval H6 GT coupe-SUV is turning wheels on Australian roads now, but the Chinese brand says it has no plans to offer an electrified powertrain in the coupe midsize SUV.

In April 2022, Haval added a 179kW hybrid powertrain to the regular wagon-bodied H6 lineup next to the 150kW 2.0-litre turbo-petrol.

Haval H6 Gt 2022 front 3/4
The Haval H6 GT won’t be offered with a hybrid powertrain

Haval is also working toward introducing a hybrid version of the Jolion small SUV in Australia some time this year. 

The regular H6 shares its Lemon platform and majority of hardpoints with the new GT, but according to head of marketing and communications at Haval, Steve Maciver, the brand has no plans for a hybrid GT

“At this stage there is no plan to introduce hybrid into the H6 GT range. Obviously never say never, but at this stage there’s definitely no plans. That hybrid will remain on H6, but not H6 GT,” Maciver said. 

What would a H6 GT hybrid cost?

Haval’s new H6 GT is available in two trim levels, the Lux front-wheel drive ($40,990 driveaway) and Ultra all-wheel drive ($46,490 driveaway). 

Haval H6 Gt 2022 cabin alt
Haval includes lots of tech for the H6 GT’s asking price

Both specifications have heated seats, 12.3-inch central touchscreen, wireless charging, and a 150kW/320Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. The range-topping Ultra gets ventilated seats and quality Michelin Primacy 4 tyres.

Were a hybrid H6 GT to arrive in the future, it would likely be only available in top-spec Ultra trim, mirroring the regular H6. 

That means a H6 GT hybrid would likely cost in the vicinity of $49,000, but as in the H6 wagon it would probably only be front-wheel drive. 

How is Haval expecting the H6 GT to sell?

Without a hybrid, and in a less practical coupe-SUV package, Haval understandably expects the GT to not perform as strongly as the H6 wagon in sales. 

There is a hybrid variant of the regular H6 available

Up to July 2022, the Haval has sold between 500-550 H6 wagons per month. A conservative estimate from MacIver suggested the new H6 GT would accrue around 400 sales per month

MacIver added that it is possible – especially with strong initial customer demand – that the H6 GT could sell better than predicted. “The initial [H6 GT] shipment was a relatively strong one, but it has sold out like hotcakes,” he said.

Even at the initial estimate of 400 units, the combined total of wagon and coupe H6 models would total 900-950 per month – enough to match the MG HS (894 in July) and close in on the soon-to-be-replaced Nissan X-Trail (1296 in July).

Haval H6 GT 2022: pricing in Australia

All prices listed are national driveaway and include on-road costs.

  • H6 GT Lux: $40,990
  • H6 GT Ultra AWD: $46,590