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Jeep Wagoneer S, new Dodge Charger expected to sit on 800km-capable EV platform

Olek Novak

New Stellantis platform has the potential for V8 Hellcat beating two-second 0-100km/h acceleration

Jeep has released a teaser for its first Wagoneer S electric SUV, set to deliver potent performance and also expected to be among the first vehicles – along with the new Dodge Charger – to sit on a new 800km-capable EV platform.

Parent company Stellantis, which governs over the two brands and others such as Alfa Romeo and Peugeot, revealed key information on the STLA Large platform last week while detailing more specific data for the Wagoneer S today.

While vehicles on this platform are capable of a 0-100km/h time of around two seconds, say Stellantis, the 447kW Wagoneer S large SUV has been quoted with a 0-60 mile time (96.56km) of around 3.5 seconds. Still very impressive figures, for such a large vehicle.

Jeep has previously revealed a Wagoneer S electric concept in 2022 (pictured)

It remains to be seen if the Charger will come to Australia but the Jeep has already been locked in for our market. 

A short YouTube video released by the brand – and corresponding teaser image included at the top of this article – also showcases a design which appears to be very similar to the concept version released in 2022.

Jeep says the EV will have “4xe capability with all-terrain management” and has previously said it was targeting a single-charge range of 400 miles (643km). 

This falls short of the claimed 800km STLA Large range capability however this is likely due to the size and body style of the vehicle, with sleeker sedan and coupe cars the more likely to achieve the target. 

The new vehicle being teased by Jeep looks very similar to the previously revealed EV concept (pictured)

However, while further details haven’t been released for the Wagoneer S, Stellantis has separately made further details available for the all-new platform.

Stellantis details new EV platform targeting 800km range

Dubbed ‘STLA Large’, the new “BEV native” platform is one of four all new EV platforms that are being rolled out by the company. 

The auto-maker says eight new EVs will be launched on the new large architecture between 2024 and 2026, including initially on Jeep and Dodge models – expected to be the Wagoneer S and new Dodge Charger – with Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Maserati and other brands to follow.

Dodge Charger Daytona EV front 3/4
Dodge has previously unveiled an electric Charger Daytona SRT electric concept

The flexible platform will equip cars, crossovers, and SUVS, and will be configurable for front-, rear- and all-wheel drive as well as including the capability for hybrid as well as internal combustion powertrains despite being EV-centric.

Of vehicles sold in Australia, expect future versions of cars like the new Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and Stelvio large SUV, as well as Maserati Levante large SUV and Quattroporte sedan to feature.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce front 3/4 low
Vehicles such as the next-generation Alfa Romeo Giulia are also expected to utilise the new STLA Large platform

STLA Large will be available in 400-volt and 800-volt BEV architectures and Stellantis has also spruiked its circa two second 0-100km/h performance capabilities, saying it “has the potential to carry extreme power that will outperform any of the existing Hellcat V8s”.

Importantly, the manufacturer is targeting a range of 800km with the platform which it says will initially include battery pack options with energy ratings between 85 and 118kWh.

In terms of charging, Stellantis has quoted fast-charging capabilities as adding up to 4.5kWh per minute to the 800-volt battery pack.

The Wagoneer S concept revealed by Jeep in 2022

As well as this, the auto-giant has also detailed sizing metrics for the platform including an overall length range of 4764-5126mm, width range of 1897-2030mm, wheelbase range of 2870-3075mm, ground clearance range of 140-288, and maximum tire diameter of 858mm.

Stellantis plans to have 48 electric cars on sale by 2024, with the Wagoneer S to be sold in the US autumn of this year, followed by other global markets.

It is expected to be the next all-electric Jeep to come to Australia after the Avenger small SUV debuts later this year. 

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