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Audi A4 set to be renamed A5 to give even numbers to EVs: report


A rumoured change in the brand’s naming structure will see all even numbers become EVs, while odd numbers remain ICE-powered

As one of Audi’s most popular models, it’s of little surprise to see that the A4 is reportedly gearing up to go electric, though the transition isn’t as straightforward as some might expect. 

According to a report from UK outlet Auto Express, the A4 as we know it is going to become the A5, in both sedan and Avant-branded wagon forms, while continuing with internal combustion.   

2023 BMW i4 eDrive35 rear 3/4 view
The BMW i4 would likely become a direct rival for the Audi A4 EV

With both electric and ICE-powered offerings from Audi in the compact executive segment, this A4 and A5 pairing should become worthy rivals for BMW’s 3-Series and i4 model line-ups. 

This same transition will reportedly take place with the A6 and A7 as well, with the A6 e-tron representing a pure electric option alongside the A7, which will retain ICE power. 

Audi’s A6 E-tron Avant concept builds upon aggressive styling from the RS6

While Audi’s existing nomenclature allocates odd numbering to two and five-door (Sportback) coupes, the suggestion is that these body styles will also migrate to new powertrain-based regime. 

What could be new for the next-generation Audi A5? 

The Auto Express report states that this new A5 will be sitting on the same MLB platform as the current car. 

As for engines, the majority of the range is set to use an updated version of Volkwagen’s EA888 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. Here, new turbochargers and an upgraded fuel injection system will supposedly improve throttle response.  

The 2021 Audi RS5 coupe pictured in Sonoma Green
The next-generation RS5 will likely be one of the last RS-badged, ICE-powered Audi vehicles

It’s also likely that electrification will play a role in these engines, ranging from Audi’s 48-volt mild hybrid system, all the way through to plug-in hybrid models at the higher end of the range. 

As for the high-performance RS5 variant, Audi is still yet to reveal the engine details, but it’s likely to be one of the last petrol powered wagons we see from the German brand, marking the true end of an era.