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BMW i7 2023: unique driving sound created by Hans Zimmer come standard


For those who thought electric cars couldn’t sound cool, Hans Zimmer has reimagined the soundtrack for the new BMW i7

The multiple Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer is known for creating some of the most recognisable film soundtracks of all time. Movies like Inception, Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean and Dunkirk were all backed by the sounds of Zimmer.

But now, the music maestro has put his musical talents into the sounds of electric cars – more specifically, the new range of all-electric BMWs including the upcoming i7 limousine. His soundscapes have now finally been shared with the world after a significant wait. 

The sound that Zimmer has produced will accompany the BMW i7’s large 31.3-inch theatre screen that retracts from the roof of the luxury limo, creating a cinema-like atmosphere. 

BMW i7 2023 with designer
The BMW i7 will be the electrified version of the 7 Series limo

From simple ambience to sporty drive modes, Hans Zimmer has a tune for it all. Imagine the Vangelis soundtrack from Blade Runner mixed with modern electro and straight away you will see where Zimmer was coming from for this collaboration. 

Zimmer also created the signature driving noises of the iX large electric SUV, and the i4 electric sedan.

You can listen to the sounds of the upcoming BMW i7 all-electric limo here

BMW i7 2023 theatre screen back seats
The large 31.3-inch theatre screen is one of the highlights of the brand new i7

What cars have Zimmer’s sounds in them?

Hans Zimmer has already scored the sounds for a few of BMW’s electric car products including the i4 and iX with what BMW is calling IconicSounds. 

Zimmer says he is a BMW enthusiast and recalls the childhood sounds of his mother’s BMW when she came home. 

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to design the sound of future electric BMW models and create emotions for the electric driving experience of tomorrow”. 

BMW i7 2023 with Hans Zimmer in car
Hans Zimmer (left) discussing the sound tech that has gone into the i7, i4 and iX cars

Bespoke ‘soundtracks’ were created for both the i4 and iX models, each with their own unique drive sound. 

Although Hans Zimmer has spent most of his career doing orchestral music for Hollywood, his background is in electronica and spent his early years playing for the band the Buggles, whose claim to fame was the song Video Killed the Radio Star.  

Zimmer then made his Hollywood debut with the film Rain Man (1988) starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman and his career as a composer exploded. 

He has won two Academy Awards for his work in film, one for The Lion King (1995) and another for the recent epic Dune (2022), both of which were for Best Original Score.