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BMW i7 2022: 600km range and landscape-oriented grille to feature in electric 7 Series


Another bold BMW grille design debuts on the new electric version of the luxury 7 Series, along with a maximum range of at least 600km

BMW has given the public a slightly better look at the forthcoming new electric i7 sedan which is soon to be revealed in full, though a lot remains under wraps. 

Arguably the most prominent feature of the i7 is its large, illuminated grille which will certainly be divisive but will certainly give BMW’s electric limousine real presence on the road. 

This grille has already been seen on last year’s Concept XM and will likely permeate the rest of the BMW range in the near-future. As we’ve already seen with the current BMW M3 and M4, and the iX electric SUV, large grilles have become commonplace at BMW.  

BMW i7 2022 sunset driving shot
While the rear of the car is still under wraps, the front of the i7 has been revealed

The i7 will share parts with the iX

BMW describes the i7 as “the world’s first all-electric luxury sedan”, even though it will rival other electric sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Tesla Model S when it goes on sale to the public. 

While BMW has been very quiet about the upcoming powertrain for the i7, Chasing Cars estimates that with a 120kWh battery, the i7 should be good to provide a range of up to 600km on the WLTP cycle. 

The BMW i7 is very likely to use a similar electric motor set-up to the iX, so that means power could be as high as 440kW for the i7 electric sedan. 

BMW i7 2022 teaser rear screen
A giant 31-inch BMW theatre screen lowers from the roof to provide rear seat entertainment

Inside the cabin, one of the guaranteed features is a 31-inch BMW Theatre screen which lowers from the roof and provides entertainment to those seated in the rear seat. 

This feature won’t be exclusive to the i7 either – it will be offered in a range of vehicles in the BMW line-up where a flagship variant is offered. 

A curved display features in the front cabin, using the latest version of BMW’s iDrive system. 

BMW i7 2022 teaser front end
There is no way to escape that grille but it is here to stay

BMW has said that the new i7 sedan will “combine the best driving experience with the ultimate digital experience”.

The BMW i7 is expected to debut fully to the public in the coming weeks before going on sale in the middle of the year.

An Australian launch for the i7 has not yet been confirmed, however Chasing Cars expects an announcement to be made in the coming months.