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Skoda extends seven-year warranty option for Australian buyers


Buyers who opt for a seven-year service package will also receive full warranty cover across that same period

Skoda has confirmed it will extend the opportunity for its new car buyers to receive a seven-year warranty if they purchase a seven-year service plan before the end of the year.

The extended warranty option was first introduced in September 2021, as a temporary perk when buyers purchased the newly-announced seven-year service package. 

Skoda will continue to offer a seven-year warranty for those who purchase a seven-year service pack

Skoda has now opted to extend the deal beyond its planned retirement date of September 30 until December 31 this year.

The Czech car manufacturer choose to introduce the longer seven-year service plan, joining its popular five-year option, after it was revealed some 60 percent of Australian Skoda buyers purchased servicing ahead of time.

By default, Skoda offers an industry-standard five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty though some manufacturers such as Kia and GWM offer a seven-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty – while Mitsubishi leads the pack with a conditional ten-year, 200,000km warranty.

2022 Skoda Kodiaq RS blue SUV - static rear 3/4 #2
Over 60 percent of Skoda’s Australian buyers pay for servicing packages

Manufacturers pitch service packages as a way for buyers to spend less money on maintenance over the long run – and often allow customers to lump the cost of the package in with the price of the car when financing. 

How much do servicing packages cost?

Prices vary by a number of factors, though performance and speciality versions generally demand higher fees. Prices are correct at the time of publication in August 2022. 

A five-year service package for the Fabia, Rapid and Scala hatches, along with the Kamiq small SUV will cost $1500 while the longer seven-year package costs $2100.

Superb Superb Scout 200TSI off road
Specialty vehicles like the Superb Scout have the most expensive service packages

The Octavia sedan/wagon and Karoq midsize SUV cost $1550 over five years and $2400 over seven. Those opting for the larger Superb sedan/wagon and the Kodiaq large SUV cost $1800 and $2700 over five and seven years respectively.

The high-performance Octavia and Kodiaq RS variants along with the hot Superb Sportline and Superb Scout lifted wagon are the most expensive of the lot, costing $2000 over five years and $2900 over seven. 

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