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Porsche suspends production of the Macan and Panamera due to the ongoing war in Ukraine


The German brand has been forced to halt production at its Leipzig plant due to war-inflicted damage to its Ukraine parts supply

Porsche has become one of several manufacturers to be impacted by the violent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, with the luxury brand suspending production of its Macan midsize SUV and Panamera large car due to a shortage of Ukraine-made wiring harness parts.

According to reports from Automotive News Europe, Porsche has stated that it had to make the decision based on a lack of crucial parts sourced from Ukraine, impacting its ability to build the Macan and Panamera at Porsche’s Leipzig, Germany factory.

The Porsche Macan is one of two models affected by the shortages

Porsche, along with Volkswagen, Skoda and BMW,  sources wiring harnesses for their vehicles from Ukraine. Without these wiring harnesses, internal computer systems, engine management software and infotainment systems will not run. 

Other key supplies sourced from Ukraine include neon gas (used to build semiconductor chips) and metal palladium (used in catalytic converters). 

This situation has been caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

Porsche, along with BMW, VW and Skoda, have all been affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Porsche has said that production at its facility in Stuttgart, Germany, has not been impacted. Here, it produces the 911 and the all-electric Taycan

BMW and Volkswagen have also said they may have to pause production due to the invasion of the Ukraine. 

On the other side of things, many manufacturers are unable to now sell cars to Russia due to sanctions placed on the country. This means that cars that have been built and ready to send to Russia cannot be paid for by their owners, causing headaches for both customer and manufacturer.