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Toyota HiLux 2016: Engines revealed, V6 unchanged


Toyota have confirmed that the current HiLux’s V6 petrol will be offered in an unchanged format when the new model arrives this October. With the news that the 175kW four-litre unit is returning, we now have a complete rundown on the four motors that will be available in the eighth-generation of the archetypal ute.

It’s something of a surprise that the thirstiest HiLux engine doesn’t score the same improvements seen in the LandCruiser Prado range. In the Prado lineup, the four-litre six was recently boosted in output up to 207kW, making it more of a grunty thing.

In total, four engines will sit under HiLux bonnets: two diesel fours, one petrol four, and one petrol six.

Toyota HiLux diesel engines

The majority of HiLux buyers will opt for one of the two diesels. The current, ten-year-old model saw just one diesel offered—a three-litre D4D unit producing 126kW. This time around, both a higher-output 2.8-litre and a smaller 2.4-litre will be available.

Both diesels share a transmission quirk. In both, the automatic has far more torque, with the standard manual gearboxes seeing torque fall between 10% and 15% on the self-shifter.

The flagship diesel is now a 2.8-litre, a direct replacement for the old three-litre. This unit is a four-cylinder intercooled turbo diesel, producing 130kW of power (up 4kW), and in the six-speed auto, 450Nm of torque (up a huge 90kW, or 25%), between 1600 and 2400rpm. Go with the standard six-cog manual, and the torque drops to 420kW (still up 60kW on the old car). With the manual, peak torque is on tap in a slightly wider band of 1600 to 2600rpm.

The less expensive diesel is a 2.4-litre four-cylinder pushing out 110kW of power. Paired to the optional six-speed automatic, it produces a healthy 400Nm of torque between 1600 and 2400rpm. The standard transmission is a five-speed manual that sees torque about 10% lower at 343Nm, available at peak in a really wide range of 1400 to 3400rpm.

Chasing Cars – 2015 Toyota HiLux Ute

Toyota HiLux petrol engines

Well, this is the big news of the week: the old four-litre V6 will return for the brand-new HiLux. It’s coming back without any bump in power or torque. This 1GR-FE engine sees outputs remain at 175kW and 376Nm. In the current shape, the V6 is a thirsty thing, with combined fuel economy scores of 11.8L/100km in 2WD, or 13L/100km in 4WD. Toyota tell us that a new six-speed auto will see economy improvements.

The towing capacity of the V6 falls short of the 2.8-litre diesel. In 2WD form, braked towing capacity is likely to sit at 2500kg, or 3200kg in four-wheel-drive form. Compare that to the larger diesel’s 3500kg capacity in four-wheel-drive.

The basic WorkMate engine, a 2.7-litre four-cylinder petrol, is also coming back with only minor changes. It will still make 122kW of power, but torque is set to climb in a small amount from the current figure of 240Nm. We’re predicting something like 245Nm.

The launch of the eighth-generation 2016 Toyota HiLux remains the most hotly anticipated development among utes this year, with the new models hitting Australian roads in just a few months’ time.