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Mitsubishi previews Outlander refresh, emphasises electric future


We’re fans of Mitsubishi’s electric-hybrid Outlander PHEV SUV. A range of 60 electric-only kilometres is enough for most Australian commutes. We enjoyed the silence and refinement – something you can check out in our video review here. What we don’t like so much is the generic, blocky styling – particularly when SUVs are, well, so hot right now.

It looks like we’re not alone. At the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the Japanese brand has previewed the 2015 refresh of the Outlander PHEV, in concept form. And the early look at the next electric Outlander bdoes well visually: front and back have been retouched. Restyled headlights and tailights, with new shapes and LED highlights headline the changes, but interior updates are also welcome, to lift what is otherwise one of the more bland cabins in the medium SUV class.

Mitsubishi’s choice to debut the changes specifically on the Outlander PHEV reinforce the brand’s previously stated commitment to a future grounded in electric powertrains and SUVs. No doubt, this simultaneously taps into the massive popularity of these high-riding vehicles while helping out the planet, but the enthusiasts in us still pine the coming loss of exciting (but gas-guzzling) Mitsubishi products like the Lancer Evolution X and Lancer Ralliart.