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Volkswagen to add new electric Tiguan to SUV range in 2025 alongside ID4: report


According to reports, Volkswagen will build three new electric SUVs this decade, including a Tiguan replacement

Volkswagen is set to introduce three new electric SUVs in future years that will sit apart from the brand’s current ID range of electric vehicles. 

According to a report in United Kingdom publication Autocar, the first new EV to launch will be the Tiguan EV which is expected to arrive around 2025. 

The model will ride upon the revamped MEB+ platform that will extend the MEB architecture for the next four to five years before the next-generation Volkswagen SSP EV platform is launched in 2028

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Elegance
We could see an electric Tiguan in 2025

Volkswagen has said that the MEB+ architecture will enable both higher charging speeds and greater electric range than the current MEB cars, such as the ID4 and ID5. 

The German automaker says it is investing €460 million (AUD$759 million) to repurpose and transform its Wolfsburg manufacturing headquarters to build electric SUVs of the future. 

What other new Volkswagen electric SUVs are planned?

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line
The current Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace R-Line

The Autocar report also mentions the development of two other EV models: a small electric SUV with a similar size to the current T-Cross, and a tech-heavy electric SUV based on the Trinity concept. 

The T-Cross-sized electric small SUV will reportedly follow after the Tiguan EV and is reported to use a single-motor, front-wheel drive setup and will adopt Volkswagen’s unified cell battery technology with lithium-iron phosphate chemistry. 

This model could have the name ID 2X and is likely to be more expensive than the ID2, however it could still target a price of around £25,000 (AUD$46,700).  

2020 T-Cross 85TSI Style.
The Volkswagen T-Cross could also have an electric replacement

The third model will be a tech-heavy electric SUV and is set to become the flagship electric SUV for the brand. Unlike the other two electric vehicles, this SUV will likely sit on the upcoming Volkswagen SSP platform that is not due to be launched until 2028. 

What is the Volkswagen SSP platform?

Once it releases the Tiguan and T-Cross-like electric SUVs on the reinvigorated MEB+ platform, Volkswagen will turn its attention to the launch of its sophisticated SSP platform.

Volkswagen MEB platform demonstrator
A Volkswagen MEB platform demonstrator

The Volkswagen Group’s future SSP platform is likely to underpin most, if not all, Volkswagen Group vehicles from 2028. This means that future electric Volkswagens, Skodas, Audis and Cupras could all be based on one flexible platform. 

Short for Scalable Systems Platform, the upcoming architecture will see MEB and PPE platforms merge into one unified vehicle structure. 

However, Volkswagen will work to use its current MEB electric platform as much as possible until the later stages of the decade, with new iterations such as MEB+. 

The SSP platform is planned to use an 800-volt system and will be capable of charging speeds between 175kW and 200kW.