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Tesla pauses pre-orders for Model S and Model X in Australia


You can no longer put a deposit down on the company’s website for the Model S sedan or Model X large SUV in Australia

Tesla has put a stop to pre-orders for two of its models originally destined for Australia – the Model S Plaid sedan and the Model X Plaid SUV

These Plaid variants are expected to be the hottest and most powerful Teslas to be produced and have not been previously available locally. 

Interested parties in Australia will also not be able to order a Cybertruck on the Tesla website. The only option available is to sign up to “get updates” on these vehicles by entering basic contact details. No money can be put down to reserve any of these vehicles. 

Tesla Model X Plaid driving on road
Tesla has taken the Model X Plaid off pre-order in Australia

However, the Model 3 small sedan and Model Y midsize SUV are currently available for order. The Model Y SUV has an approximate delivery time between April to June 2023, while the Model 3 has an estimated delivery time between April and May 2023. 

Tesla continues to sell well locally. So far in 2023, Tesla has sold 7238 Model 3s and 3169 Model Ys. 

What could be the reason for Tesla pausing pre-orders?

Tesla Model S Plaid side angle red
The Tesla Model S Plaid is also unavailable for pre-order

While the Tesla Model X and S are expected to go on sale in the United Kingdom and the USA around May to June this year, there has been no further word about these two models for Australia. 

The Cybertruck, meanwhile, has arguably been in development hell since it was first unveiled to the public in 2019. 

Tesla Cybertruck reveal
Will we ever see the Cybertruck in production?

There have been several updates from Tesla’s chief executive officer Elon Musk about when the Cybertruck could arrive, however the latest we know is that production for Tesla’s first electric ute could start by the end of this year. 

If Tesla in Australia decides to not sell the new Model X and S locally, all of the people who have put down a deposit on the cars will need to have their money refunded.