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Weak dollar sends Tesla prices up in Australia


The Australian price of the Tesla Model S has increased for the second time this year. The 4.2% cost increase for June follows May’s 6% increase. Tesla have attributed both to the relatively weak Australian dollar, which naturally increases the cost of buying imported goods.

The cheapest way into a Model S is now more than $10,000 more expensive then when the brand launched; however, equipment levels have become more generous in order to soften the blow.

Routine price changes were announced by Tesla as normal practice at their launch last year. In contrast to most other manufacturers, the American brand is aiming to keep Australia’s Model S costs at parity with an equivalent vehicle in the United States.

The 70D base model, which arrived in April, increases in price by $4,500 to $106,900. When Tesla’s sedan launched in Australia last year, the (now superseded) 60 base trim cost $96,208

Additional equipment that was previously optional will now be included as standard, offsetting some of the increased costs. Satellite navigation has been optional until this point; that is now an inclusion, and properly so. Other additions include daytime running lights, power folding mirrors, parking sensors, and advanced safety technology—blind spot assist, autonomous emergency braking, and lane departure warning.

Tesla’s highly advanced Autopilot driving assistance systems remain a $3,400 option. It’s something of an investment though, as Autopilot will get smarter over time with software updates. Right now, it offers active cruise control—in future, though, automatic parking and even autonomous driving (on private property) will be deployed over-the-air.

With the price increases, the Tesla range now spans $106,900 for the base car to $148,000, for the supercar-fast P85D flagship.

2015 Tesla Model S: (June) Australian price and specs

  • Model S 70D: $106,900 (up $4,500)
  • Model S 85: $114,900 (up $10,800)
  • Model S 85D: $121,000 (up $5,200)
  • Model S P85D: $148,000 (up $14,500)