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Subaru confirmed to build three battery-electric SUVs by 2026


The Japanese automaker also wants to sell 400,000 electric vehicles globally by 2028 with an extended model range lineup 

The news is in: Subaru will build three new EVs by 2026 that will be in addition to the BZ4X-based Solterra that is due in Australia in the second half of 2023. 

Although we don’t know exactly what these cars will be, it’s very likely that the next BEV models to be announced could be in partnership with Toyota

A recent report by Automotive News stated that there would be three electric crossover or SUV-type vehicles brought into production by 2026. 

2023 Subaru Solterra grey front 3/4
The upcoming Subaru Solterra

How could this impact Subaru in Australia?

Subaru Australia’s managing director Blair Read told Chasing Cars that “there’s a lot of interest” for these electric SUVs in Australia and is “something we’ll be working with [Subaru Japan] very, very closely”. 

It’s likely that with the end of products such as Liberty and STI nameplates, Subaru will look to grow in new areas, such as hybridisation and electrification in the next era of the motor vehicle. 

2023 Subaru Solterra driving up mountain
New electric Subaru EVs could be a variety of sizes

Solterra will be the first electric car for the Japanese brand, but certainly won’t be the last.  

What exactly will these three new electric SUVs be like?

Subaru Australia would not comment on exactly what shapes and sizes the new electric SUVs would take. 

Subaru could retain its famous model names in the future

However, it’s likely that Subaru will build a Crosstrek-sized small electric SUV, as well as a larger SUV than the upcoming Solterra EV. A fully-electric Forester could also be in the works. 

In typical Subaru fashion, it’s likely that each EV model will use dual-motor all-wheel drive in a nod to the brand’s symmetric all-wheel-drive legacy. 

It’s unlikely that Subaru will introduce three new nameplates, and could instead retain the model names that have become iconic throughout the ages – Forester, Outback and Impreza.

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