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GMC Hummer EV SUV 2023: all-electric off-road SUV explained


Sharing the same brash and unapologetic nature as its predecessor but with an electric twist, the GMC-badged hummer will soon make its return

GMC announced in 2020 that it was resurrecting and revolutionalising the Hummer nameplate with the familiar duo of pickup and SUV vehicles sitting on all-electric underpinnings.

The shock announcement was quickly embraced by North American buyers, with over 65,000 reservations placed for the SUV and pickup by the end of March 2022. 

The GMC Hummer EV SUV will make its debut in 2023

While the attention has primarily focused on the pickup derivative, the SUV version is set to follow in 2023 and both have the potential to make it to the Australian market – but don’t hold your breath for an imminent Australian arrival.

The Hummer EV SUV is one of many all-electric ute-based SUVs on the horizon, with the Rivian R1S also in the works and has the potential to come to Australia.

Hummer SUV: power, torque and range

GMC will offer the Hummer EV SUV in North America with a choice of four grades known as EV2, EV2X, EV3X and range-topping Edition 1, priced between USD 79,995–105,595 (AUD 106,026–139,957).

The flagship Edition 1 and EV3X will be available with three electric motors producing up to 619kW of power providing the ability to accelerate from 0-60mp/h (96.56km/h) in 3.5 seconds and a range in excess of 483km.

The Hummer SUV EV2 and EV2X have a range in excess of 402km and 483km respectively, and both use a dual-motor setup (with one motor on each axle) that both make a combined 466kW of power. 

The most powerful version can accelerate from 0-96km/h in 3.5 seconds

An official Towing capacity is not yet confirmed for the SUV version but the Hummer EV pickup is capable of pulling 3.4-tonnes using the same fundamental chassis design.

GMC offers the Hummer EV2X, EV3X and Edition 1 grades with air suspension that can raise the car up to 152mm and a crab walk mode that turns all four wheels to allow the huge SUV to move diagonally while facing forwards.

A huge 200kW lithium-ion battery underpins the Hummer EV range and tips the scales at 1325kg, contributing significantly to the heft mass of the duo with the pick-up version weighing up to 4111kg, according to US government filings. 

GMC has not equipped the Hummer EV SUV with the full 350kW charging speeds of the pick-up version, which is capable of adding 161km of range in 10 minutes.

DC charging speeds of up to 300kW are available

Instead, thanks to its 800-volt Ultium battery architecture, the SUV version can utilise speeds of up to 300kW, which should provide very similar top-up times as EVs rarely harness their peak charging capability for long periods.

The Ultium EV architecture also underpins the forthcoming and related Chevrolet Silverado EV and electrified GMC Sierra.

AC charging speeds of up to 19.2kW will be available, however, allowing owners to top up the huge battery in roughly 11 hours overnight – assuming they have the appropriate hardware fitted to their home.

Removable roof exposes a tech-focused interior

GMC has equipped the interior with a futuristic design with a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display sitting beside a 13.4-inch touchscreen.

The centre-mounted screen can be used to display 18 cameras dotted around the exterior to assist with off-roading and parking around town.

A 13.4-inch touchscreen sits centre stage in the interior

Drivers also have to option to remove the roof panels, similar to a Jeep Wrangler and a Ford Bronco to get the full open-air experience.

The rear of the Hummer EV SUV boasts 2316-litres of storage space with additional pockets dotted around the interior and under the load floor – thanks to the fitment of the rear tyre on the outside of the car.

Will the Hummer SUV come to Australia?

GMC has a direct avenue to import the GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV to Australia through distributor General Motor Special Vehicles (GMSV).

GMSV spokesperson Ed Finn told Chasing Cars that its strategy remains focused on the expanding Silverado range and the introduction of the C8 Corvette.

When asked about the company’s plans going forward Mr Finn said “there aren’t any announcements to make regarding future products at this point in time”.

The Hummer EV SUV is unlikely to come to Australia anytime soon

With GMC already facing extensive demand for the Hummer EV productions in the North America and waiting times already stretching out for years, it’s unlikely that the Australia will see the EV pickup an SUV in the coming years.

However, with electrification a key path for General Motors’ future and electric versions of the Silverado planned in the coming years it’s likely we’ll see similar vehicles available at some point.