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GMC Hummer 2024: 538km range leaked through Chevrolet app

John Law

In a different kind of information leak, GM’s smartphone app has let slip how far the Hummer EV might travel on a single charge.

Late in 2020, American SUV and ute specialist GMC confirmed a successor was in the works for the famed Hummer brand, though this time instead of a military vehicle-cum-fashion-accessory like the 2000s H2, the Hummer EV is a battery-electric lifestyle SUV. 

We’ve covered the immense grunt and clever off-road tricks promised by GMC for the all-electric Hummer, but so far the marque has kept mute about the off-roader’s roving range. 

This week, leaked information from the MyChevrolet app suggested a range of 538km, which seems plausible given the Hummer’s 200kWh battery pack. 

The Hummer should have no problem getting off the beaten path.

If that figure is accurate, it equates to thirsty consumption of 37.2kWh/100km. For reference, a Tesla Model 3 uses about 13kWh/100km in real-world driving.

That said, even though it was published on a GM app the claim is speculative, as GMC is yet to release any formal range claim, and the Hummer EV’s range has not been evaluated by the USA’s government testing body, the EPA. 

Where did the Hummer range claim come from?

Several days ago, a Hummer forum discussion unearthed some information from the MyChevrolet app that suggested the Hummer would be capable of travelling 538km (332 miles) on a single charge.

The information came from the MyChevrolet app that is designed to help Chevy owners find information about their closest dealer, petrol stations, and to check for over-the-air updates on vehicles like the Silverado ute and Corvette sports car.

This is the MyChevrolet app that quoted the Hummer EV’s range figure, with handy tips on how far drivers can go on a charge.

But there is a section on the app dedicated to owners of EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt hatchback, Bolt EUV and apparently the GMC Hummer. 

Aside from the leaked info, the app itself seems quite handy, giving map-based indications to Chevy owners about how far they can drive their EV on a full charge, and crucial information about charging locations.

Is the app’s range calculation plausible?

While 538km is a lot of range in the EV world, the Hummer’s 200kWh lithium-ion ‘Ultium’ battery is absurdly large. In fact, the Hummer’s battery offers twice the electron capacity of Tesla’s longest-range Model S.

When GMC initially announced the vehicle’s production, GMC promised absurd outputs – 2033Nm and 745kW to be precise – from a total of three motors, which goes some way to justifying the gargantuan battery pack. 

Aside from a pretty respectable range, the Hummer EV promises to be a real giant on and off road.

The sheer power puts the 538km range claim into perspective, as does the Hummer’s monolithic size. The SUV measures 5250mm long, 2197mm wide, 1976mm tall and rolls on a 3218mm wheelbase.

Yet, the dimensions pale in comparison to the sheer weight of the Hummer EV – the first edition model hits the scales at a whopping 4103kg (9046 pounds), eclipsing the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series by 1500kg

Add to the weight, size and power a bluff front end, 35-inch off-road tyres and tall ride height, and the range claim makes sense. 

For the Hummer to achieve its range of 538km from the fully-charged 200kWh battery, the EV only needs to average 37.2kWh/100km – for reference, a Tesla Model X Long Range is rated at 22.6kWh/100km – so the claim sounds pretty realistic.

It’s big, brash and American. Will it come to Australia? We’ll find out in the future.

The Hummer EV is still some way off its final production form, with American deliveries expected to start in the latter half of 2023, with Australian arrival on the cards if there is sufficient demand.