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Hummer badge revived! 2022 GMC Hummer EV packs 735kW, 2033Nm, 200kWh battery good for 563km range


A reimagined, all-electric Hummer EV has been officially unveiled under the GMC brand with an ambitious plan to disrupt the Tesla Cybertruck‘s plans with sky-high claimed capabilities.

The Hummer, which will be available in SUV and dual-cab ute guise, puts out 735kW of power and 2033Nm of torque developed by three motors that will propel the massive EV from 0-96kph in 3.0 seconds.

The new heavy-duty EV is a modern twist on the iconic gas-guzzling Hummer of the 2000s that sold the H2 ute and H3 SUV variants until the brand was forcibly killed off as a consequence of the bankruptcy of General Motors during the global financial crisis of 2007. 

The 2021 GMC Hummer EV in silver
GMC has revealed the all-electric Hummer EV 2022 that puts out 735kW of power and 2033Nm of torque developed by three large motors

GM retained the rights to the Hummer name and have revived it here as a product that will sit under in-house ute and SUV specialist GMC.The Hummer EV features underbody cameras to help during tough off roading and packs a massive 200kWh battery – 100kWh larger than the unit in the existing Tesla Model S.

Despite the huge battery, the sheer weight of the 2022 Hummer EV means that range is not sky-high. The large capability battery is good for about 563kms according to GMC – but ultra-rapid charging will be possible  at a speed of 350kW which will replenish the Hummer with  around 160kms of range in just 10 minutes. 

The 2021 GMC Hummer EV in silver
GMC has built the Hummer EV with a focus on genuine offroad capability

GMC has built the Hummer with a focus on genuine off-road ability, with the suspension able to raise itself by 152mm, with massive 35-inch tyres that have the ability to all turn in the same direction in what the American automaker calls ‘crab walk’ mode. 

In place of a human spotter, the Hummer has also been fitted with multiple underbody cameras that help the driver monitor the jagged rocks and hard edges that can cause serious damage. Keen offroaders will also take comfort in the fact water jets similar to that which clean your windscreen can squirt the dirt off the cameras when the trail gets slippery.

Electrified chassis of the 2021 GMC Hummer EV
The GMC Hummer EV 2021 uses a 200kW battery – a full 100kW bigger than the Tesla Model X’s Long Range unit

Jeep Gladiator owners seeking something a bit more serious might be swayed by the fact that the Hummer is fitted with removable body panels, with the roof able to be ditched above the front and back rows, with all panels being easily and conveniently stowed in the front luggage area.

The Hummer, which is set to begin production in the United States in 2021, has not yet been confirmed for any launch in Australia, though it would not be surprising to see the electric off-roader forming part of the lineup at General Motors Special Vehicles, who will distribute the Chevrolet Corvette down under.

In the US, pricing has been announced, with the Hummer range initially relying on a triple-motor Edition 1 grade. This range-topping model will set buyers back $US112,595 ($159,263 in AUD) when it hits showrooms towards the end of 2021.

Front trunk frunk of the 2021 GMC Hummer EV
All of the roof panels from the front and back row and be stowed in the front luggage area

GMC will then begin working on less powerful and cheaper versions of the Hummer starting with the EV3X grade with a claimed 482km of range from a three motor arrangement capable of producing 596kW.

A two-motor EV2X will follow in 2023, making 466kW, while a base model known as the Hummer EV2 won’t arrive until 2024. The EV2 will bring a simpler two motor setup and packs a shorter claimed range of 402km – though it will be far cheaper at $US79,995 ($113,208 in AUD) with an SUV version said to follow.