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Could the next BMW M2 Competition be faster than an M3 sedan? OPINION


With the reveal of the second-gen BMW M2, the team at Chasing Cars wonders if a future competition spec could finally overtake the halo M3

Much like how Porsche said its Boxster/Cayman platform would never overtake the 911 – that essentially changed with the recent launch of the Cayman GT4 RSBMW could be planning a similar hierarchy shift at M division. 

BMW has finally pulled the covers off the next BMW M2 and it will use the same twin-turbocharged ‘S58’ straight-six found in the current G80 M3 and M4 with outputs of 338kW/550Nm

That not only makes the new M2 the most powerful 2-Series coupe ever made, but is also likely to be the last pure-combustion M car to be launched before electrification kicks in. 

2023 BMW M2 rear 3/4 track shot
The new BMW M2 could get an even hotter version in a couple of years

But we know that BMW won’t just stop there. Either an M2 Competition or M2 CS are very likely on the cards with almost the same power as the M3, so let’s have a look at what could be at play for the M2’s future. 

M2 Competition outputs could outclass the standard BMW M3

For the first-generation BMW M2, the standard car has 272kW/465Nm thanks to a now discontinued 3.0-litre N55 turbocharged straight-six petrol engine. 

2023 BMW M2 studio 3/4 shot
An M2 competition could get very similar outputs to the M3 competition

But soon came the M2 Competition that had a detuned version of the S55 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine out of the F80 BMW M3. This meant that power and torque pushed out to 302kW/550Nm

That works out to be a 10 percent increase in power, so if we apply the same power gap to the new ‘standard’ second-gen M2 (338kW), we get around 371kW of power, which is only 4kW off the engine specification of the current G80 M3 Competition. 

So could the new M2 Competition simply grab the exact engine tune and specifics from the M3 Competition? It’s very, very likely. 

BMW M3 Competition xDrive 2022 rear
The current BMW M3 Competition in xDrive guise

Will it be called the M2 CS or the M2 Competition?

UK automotive publisher Autocar predicts that the CS or CSL name will be used for the next flagship performance M2, rather than the Competition moniker. 

Other reports from the UK indicate that the high-powered variant of the new M2 could have up to 472bhp (or 352kW in our speak). That estimate places the planned M2 CS at the same exact outputs as the ‘entry-level’ BMW M3 that has 353kW/550Nm

BMW M4 Competition G82 yellow 2021
The current BMW M4 Competition

It is unlikely that BMW will push the M2 any further than the current M3’s 375kW Competition tune, however anything could happen. 

M2 CS: what will you get for your money?

If we look at what was included in the last M2 Competition and CS models, what is likely to appear in the new flagship M2 could include an exterior carbon-fibre kit, a carbon-fibre engine bay strut brace, M performance brakes (with carbon-ceramics as an option), more power and torque from the engine and track-ready front seats. 

A carbon-roof is also almost a certainty considering the new BMW M2 will come to Australia fitted with one as standard.