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Next BMW M3 will be battery electric, could have quad-motor setup and over 750kW of power


If you thought the Mercedes-AMG C63 hybrid was powerful, just wait and see what Munich is cooking with its electric BMW M  

BMW has confirmed that the next BMW M3 will be fully electric, and it could be coming with a unique quad-motor setup. 

According to a report by Autocar, BMW development boss Frank Weber confirmed to the media that the next high-performance BMW 3 Series will be battery-electric, however it will exist for some time alongside a turbocharged petrol inline-six version. 

A key part of the next BMW M3 will be what BMW calls the ‘heart of joy’ control unit which is set to help keep driving character in electric vehicles, even without the use of a combustion engine. 

2023 BMW M3 CS rear 3/4 view driving shot
The BMW M3 is set to go electric in 2027

Frank Weber also told Autocar that the software will be proprietary and is the culmination of over 30 years experience. The next-generation BMW M3 is not expected until 2027. 

Quad-motor setup has been tested, likely to find its way to future BMW M products

Back in December 2022, BMW tested a concept vehicle that incorporated an electric motor into each wheel and was teased in a social media promotional video. 

BMW quad motor prototype doing tank turn burnout
BMW teased a quad-motor M car late last year

This could in fact be the system and technologies used for a future M production car, such as the next M3 or M4, however BMW has not fully disclosed if this technology will officially see the light of day.

This powertrain is reportedly capable of producing up to 1341hp, or around 1000kW

BMW keen to keep combustion alive for M division

BMW is likely to want to keep its iconic turbocharged straight-six engine for as long as it can, depending on how strict European emission standards become. 

BMW XM, M2 and M3 Touring group shot 2022
BMW’s M Division is set to be electrified in the coming years

“The story of the M3 is everlasting,” M division CEO Frank van Meel told Autocar. “Every time we change the story of the engine, from four-cylinder to six-cylinder to eight-cylinder to six-cylinder and a turbocharger, the story continues”. 

BMW is determined to ensure that no matter the powertrain of choice, customers should always be able to drive a BMW and know they are M cars. 

“We have stood the test of time for 50 years and will continue to do so,” van Meel added.