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Mercedes-Benz to build EV charging network to rival Tesla Superchargers


Chargers capable of delivering up to 350kW will be installed across North America, Europe, China and “other key markets”

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will build 10,000 electric vehicle chargers across several global markets, beginning in North America. The aim? To have a full network in operation by the end of the decade. 

No announcement has been made about whether or when the Mercedes-Benz EV charging network will expand to Australia.

10,000 chargers would make the Mercedes-Benz network a reasonably large player in the EV charger market – but rival Tesla’s Supercharger network has more than 40,000 plugs globally.

Mercedes-Benz charging station solar roof 2023
The Mercedes-Benz vision of its new charging stations with a solar roof

By 2027, the global car maker hopes to have 2500 “high power chargers” across North America located at 400 hubs across the country. 

Mercedes-Benz will partner with companies including MN8 Energy and Chargepoint in North America to bring the charging infrastructure to life. 

The carmaker will invest just over one billion euros ($1.54 billion AUD at the time of writing) partnered with MN8 Energy to fund the project in North America. 

Mercedes-Benz charging station 2023
These charge stations might look like petrol stations, but they will only provide electricity

Mercedes-Benz says that its charging network will also utilise the plug and charge function, meaning that payment for charging through a card will not be required and is instead billed automatically through the charging cable to the vehicle. 

Globally, each Mercedes-Benz charging hub will have up to a maximum of 30 chargers per location depending on the region.

Concept images released by the brand show chargers built under a large solar roof, similar in design to a modern petrol station. 

Mercedes-Benz charging station 3/4 image 2023
Mercedes-Benz is planning to install 10,000 chargers by the end of the decade

Will Mercedes-Benz build its own EV charging network in Australia?

While Mercedes-Benz will begin its rollout in North America, several other markets including China and Europe have been confirmed. 

As for the Australian market, a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Australia told Chasing Cars that “we have no announcements on this for our market”. Things could change with time, however.  

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV white car sunset
Electric vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV can be charged at the stations

In Australia, the only car manufacturer to have its own charging system is Tesla, with the remaining charge network operated by several companies including Chargefox, Evie and Chargepoint. 

Arguably, EV charger access and reliability is even more important in Australia, where long-distance driving is a reality for many families and businesspeople – the sorts of customers that might today own a Mercedes SUV or station wagon.

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