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Ford Ranger 2023: flexible rack system coming to popular dual-cab ute next year


The sliding load rack can be clicked into five different positions and acts as a sail-plane bar when not in use

Carrying long items on the roof of your new Ford Ranger is about to get easier, with Ford Australia announcing it will bring a flexible rack system to market in 2023. 

The additional, tray-mounted hoop sits on the side rails of the rear tray and can be moved back and forth and locked into five different positions. 

Ford says that it worked with designers to make the system match the shape of the new Ford Ranger, giving it a tidier appearance when locked up against the cabin and not in use. 

Ford Ranger rack system 2023 rear position
The Ford Ranger will be available with this special rack system in 2023

Chief designer of the Ford Ranger, Max Tran, said that the rack system “needed to be functional, of course, but it also needed to match and complement the shape of next-gen Ranger while being user friendly and as quiet as possible when deployed”. 

Ford Australia says that the system will make its debut in 2023 on select Ranger models which are yet to be confirmed. 

Although unconfirmed, it’s likely that the rack system will become available as an option for the wider lineup of Rangers in the near future.  

Ford Ranger rack system 2023 stowed
The sliding rack tucks in to the cabin when not in use

How does the new rack system work for the Ranger?

The sliding rack system works manually and without electric assistance, however Ford says that it can be maneuvered up and down the rail by just one person. 

Four roller bearings help to aid moving the rack back and forth, while a locking mechanism makes sure the rack does not move from its position. 

Ford Ranger rack system 2023 timber
Roof bars fold out of the rack so you can tie things down

The rack has a dynamic load limit of 80kg, while the static limit is much higher, at 250kg. 

Folding roof racks can be adjusted into two different positions and can be stowed away when not being used. 

Ford says that the new system helps make carrying longer loads much easier and safer.