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The five coolest new cars at the Munich IAA Mobility Show


Chasing Cars was lucky enough to be on the ground to cover the event in Munich, and here are some of the best bits of the show 

The IAA Mobility Show occurs every two years, and for 2023, it made its debut in Munich, Germany. 

Chasing Cars had the great opportunity of being on the ground at the event, which included exhibits from manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, the Volkswagen Group, BYD, Renault and MG, just to name a few. 

Here are our highlights from the event which showcased plenty of exciting future motoring products to both the general public and the media. 

Porsche Mission X supercar concept 

The Porsche Mission X looked so fast just sitting still!

Without a doubt the highlight of the IAA Mobility show was this, the Porsche Mission X – a logical successor to the 918 hypercar. With a 1 to 1 power to weight ratio, the Mission X is a very capable car, even when sitting still. 

It’s unknown just how powerful this Mission X concept is, however it’s understood that this car will form the basis for a flagship hypercar with even more performance than the current Porsche Taycan

Interesting fact: An adaptive rear wing can be deployed for extra downforce if needed on the racetrack. 

XEV Mini City car 

The YoYo Pro has a removable battery pack that can be done by hand

An interesting addition to the IAA Mobility motor show was this, the XEV YoYo Pro, which is a small electric city car intended for use in tight city streets like in Rome or Paris. 

XEV is a Chinese-based manufacturer with design studios in Italy. They hope to launch their first vehicle, the Yoyo Pro, in Italy initially, but could expand to other markets. This model is capable of travelling up to 150km per charge and is powered by a 10.3kWh removable battery pack.

Yep, that’s right, completely removable and swappable for another. At the rear of the Yoyo, open the small boot and there you’ll be able to pull out the existing battery and put in another, ready for your next adventure. Very cool!

Mercedes-Benz One-Eleven concept 

Mercedes-Benz went back to its gullwing past with the One-Eleven concept

The Mercedes-Benz One-Eleven might be one of the brightest cars at the IAA Mobility Show. With retro looks, gullwing doors, silver seats and large wheels, the One-Eleven concept was a show-stopper. 

Exact power and torque figures aren’t known, however if Mercedes-Benz did strap an engine or electric motor in the One-Eleven concept, it would be a serious bit of machinery. 

Want proof that cars can look fast whilst sitting still? Here is a good example!

The Seres brand 

Seres is looking to enter the Australian market soon

What exactly is Seres, and why should you care? We found out a lot of the relatively new Chinese automaker, who had a full array of models to show us at the IAA Mobility motoring event. 

Seres, formerly known as the SF Brand, is a Chinese-based automaker with big dreams of expansion, and interestingly not just to Europe.

A spokesperson for the brand told Chasing Cars in Munich that Seres is in the process of preparing for a future Australian release, however would not comment further. 

Seres would join other Chinese carmakers such as BYD, MG and GWM in Australia if they were to be successful. 

The brand said that the Seres 3 small SUV would be the first to market, and the first likely for Australia as it will be produced in our local right-hand drive configuration. 

Volkswagen’s ID GTI concept

This is the new Volkswagen ID GTI

Volkswagen pulled the covers off its electric GTI successor at the IAA Mobility Show, confirming that the GTI performance name will continue into the electric era. 

Set for a 2026 release date in Europe, the ID GTI looks a lot like a Polo or Golf GTI and is reportedly 93 percent realistic of what the production car will look like. 

Expect a front-drive electric motor, while GTX branding will instead be used for all-wheel, dual-motor variants.

It was great to see it in person!

Motor shows are back in business

The MG Cyberster is coming to Australia… soon

It was such a blast to learn more about the greater motoring industry and how mobility is changing and adapting to our modern era. 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on motor shows for obvious reasons, but it was so good to be at a show with so many other fascinated individuals. 

If you’ve always wanted to go to an auto show, make sure you do it. It’s an amazing thing, with so much on offer. 

We can’t wait to see what the next one brings!

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