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Hyundai Tucson: wait times in Australia now sitting at three to six months


High demand for the South Korean midsize SUV is keeping wait times relatively steady, but it’s better than some rivals

Almost one year ago, Hyundai Australia announced that stock levels across the Tucson line-up was healthy – but increased demand for the popular midsize SUV means the wait now varies from grade to grade, and engine to engine.

Like many other carmakers, chip shortages and other production delays mean Hyundai isn’t able to keep up with hot demand for the midsize SUV in Australia. The Tucson starts at $34,900 before on-road costs in Australia for a 2.0-litre base grade, and tops out at $52,400 for the diesel Highlander N Line. There are 14 variants in total.

Speaking to Hyundai Australia’s Guido Schenken, Chasing Cars was able to confirm a wait time of at least three months and up to six months on both new and existing orders – at the time of writing, in September 2022. 

Hyundai Tucson Elite N Line Diesel 2022 Front End
The Hyundai Tucson is a popular choice in the midsized SUV segment

Customers will be facing wait times of six months across petrol variants such as the 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 115kW of power and 192Nm of torque, and the 1.6-litre turbo petrol that makes 132kW/265Nm.

This is halved for new diesel orders, with a delay of just three months on new orders. This is because Hyundai Australia managed to secure extra production for diesel Tucsons throughout June and July. 

The Tucson diesel is a 2.0-litre turbo unit that produces 137kW of power and 416Nm of torque. Like the 1.6-litre turbo petrol, the diesel is AWD – but the entry-level 2.0-litre petrol is front-wheel drive only.

Hyundai Tucson 2021 brown rear end
The Hyundai Tucson can be had with petrol or diesel power

There is no hybrid offered for the Tucson in Australia, though both series-parallel hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrains are sold in Tucson form overseas.

A senior Hyundai executive has also told Chasing Cars that for most Australian buyers, it’s possible to get them into a car within one month if they are flexible on engine and specification.

Currently, Hyundai Australia sells the Tucson in 14 different forms, with a range of petrol and diesel engines paired with different trim levels. 

Hyundai Tucson Elite N Line Diesel 2022 Side Profile
The Hyundai Tucson N Line sharpens up the SUV’s aesthetic

Hyundai Tucson 2022: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • Base model petrol FWD: $34,900 
  • Base model N Line petrol FWD: $38,900 
  • Elite petrol FWD: $39,400 
  • Elite N Line petrol FWD: $41,900 
  • Elite petrol AWD: $43,400 
  • Elite N Line petrol AWD: $45,900
  • Elite diesel AWD: $45,400 
  • Elite N Line diesel AWD: $47,900 
  • Highlander petrol FWD: $46,400 
  • Highlander N Line petrol FWD: $47,900 
  • Highlander petrol AWD: $50,400 
  • Highlander N Line petrol AWD: $51,900 
  • Highlander diesel AWD: $52,400 
  • Highlander N Line diesel AWD: $53,900