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Car news, 28 Mar ’24: Electric Hyundai ute confirmed, next Nissan Navara coming in 2026, and more


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Thanks for joining us this Thursday March 28th 2024. Notably in car news today: Hyundai has confirmed it is developing an electric ute, and the next Nissan Navara is due in Australia sometime in 2026.

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Electric Hyundai ute in development 

2023 Hyundai Palisade grille
Hyundai is building an electric ute!
  • Hyundai’s brand president and chief creative officer Luc Donkerwolke has confirmed to Chasing Cars that the T10 electric ute is in development.
  • Recent trademark filings indicate that the ute will be called the Ioniq T10, however Donkerwolke wouldn’t go into specifics about whether the ute would be unibody or body-on-frame.
  • Genesis was even in talks to do a ute but, instead, Hyundai took the reins. When asked about whether the ute would be for city or a tough work horse, Donkerwolke wouldn’t say.
  • Kia will soon unveil its first ever ute, likely to be called the Tasman, which will be a body-on-frame ute to take on the likes of the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

Next Nissan Navara coming in 2026 

2026 Nissan Navara blur teaser shot
We got a sneak peak at a new Navara ute this week
  • Nissan has confirmed it’ll bring a new one-tonne ute to the Oceania market (including Australia) which is almost certainly to be the next-generation Navara
  • Set to launch sometime in 2026, the Navara will share its underpinnings with the new MV-generation Mitsubishi Triton ute. 
  • This means that the Navara will very likely say goodbye to its 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel four-cylinder engine, and will instead share the same 2.4-litre twin-turbo diesel as the Triton, which produces 150kW/470Nm
  • Nissan has also confirmed it will bring full-electric and plug-in hybrid options for the one-tonne ute around the same timeframe. 

Future Genesis GV90 confirmed to have coach-style doors 

Inside the ultra-luxurious Genesis Neolan concept SUV
  • Genesis has confirmed that its future GV90 large electric SUV will have luxurious coach-style doors, a first for the brand and a rarity in the industry. 
  • This week, Genesis debuted the Neolan concept that will be the basis for the upcoming luxury electric SUV, featuring a wild purple interior, rotating front seats and a futuristic steering wheel.
  • Coach doors are currently reserved only for the ultra-rich, with Rolls Royce featuring the design on its Ghost, Phantom and Cullinan models.
  • The electric GV90 is set to use Hyundai’s new IMA platform (rather than the current E-GMP platform) and will have 800-volt architecture. Dual motor all-wheel drive is also set to feature when the model launches around 2025 or 2026

Volkswagen develops Kangaroo deterrent called RooBadge

Volkswagen RooBadge
Volkswagen has developed a Kangaroo deterrent with the University of Melbourne
  • Volkswagen Australia, in partnership with the University of Melbourne, has spent the last three years developing what it calls the Roobadge, an accessory built into the iconic Volkswagen badge that alerts Kangaroos.
  • The RooBadge works by sending out natural and artificial sounds via an audio beam at a high frequency.
  • The piece of technology is linked to an in-car app, which uses GPS to identify if the vehicle is passing through a particularly popular Kangaroo area. 
  • After three years of development, the University of Melbourne has now gained approval for stage four real-world trials.
  • Volkswagen Australia hopes that the technology could improve both the road toll, and keep Kangaroos and other animals safe on the roadside.  

2024 Lexus LBX reviewed 

Lexus LBX 2024 thumbnail
The 2024 Lexus LBX
  • Chasing Cars journalist Olek Novak’s review of the 2024 Lexus LBX was published, including his findings on the most affordable Lexus model yet.
  • Novak found the LBX to succeed with a sub-$50k entry price and satisfying driving experience.
  • Novak noted that the LBX had some shortfalls, like a tiny back seat and a loud CVT transmission/engine pairing.
  • Novak recommended the LBX as a city car, or a second car, with a lot of luxury charm.

READ: Link to written review 

WATCH: Link to YouTube video 

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