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Kia Tasman 2024: Ford Ranger-rival officially announced – but Korea’s new ute still not yet named


We still don’t know what it really looks like – or even its name – but Kia is gearing up to announce it’s Aussie-focused ute

Years after rumours first came to light, the Kia has begun rolling out its official ad campaign for the Tasman ute and doing so, slowly.

In a one minute and 30 second video, 20 Australian sports men and women discuss what the name of the ute should be, in a nod to what has been one of the worst-key secrets in the car industry in years: the Tasman’s name.

Kia Tasman ad
Within the video, a dart lands on the Tasman Sea, hinting at the ute’s name

Even today, the name is not officially recognised, but eagle-eyed viewers will note that halfway through the clip, a dart lands on the map showing the Tasman Sea.

Kia has confirmed it is officially taking expressions of interest on its new ute, which will be unveiled in late 2024 before hitting Aussie roads in 2025. A local ride and handling program for the ute is also said to be in progress.

Kia Tasman 2025 render Kolesa rear
The Kia Tasman is yet to be revealed but early renders paint a good picture. Credit: Kolesa

The Tasman is expected to be a genuine rival for the likes of the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and new Mitsubishi Triton after explosive details revealed by Chasing Cars confirmed a 3.5-tonne towing capacity, a 2.2L diesel engine, body styles and more – which you can read about in our separate article. 

It’s likely the beginning of a very long and slow advertising campaign from Kia, who is returning into the commercial vehicle space for the first time in decades.

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