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MG ZS 2023: small SUV sees price cuts for petrol and electric variants


The Chinese brand’s ZS is runaway best-seller in the competitive small SUV segment, and price drops shows MG intends keeping things that way

Only four months after hiking prices across most of its models, MG has cut the cost of many of its cars, including its huge-selling ZS small SUV.

In March, the ZS Excite and ZST saw $1000 price hikes ($2000 for the ZST Excite), while the all-electric ZS EV also saw increases, differing between each state.

MG ZST 2021 front 3/4 ocean
MG has discounted the price of some ZS variants

MG’s pricing merry-go-round is back, with price drops for ZS EVs in most states and territories, plus reductions for top grades of ZST.

For the first half of this year, the MG ZS was Australia’s best-selling SUV across all segments, eclipsing even the stalwart Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander.

It commands a mighty 20 percent of all sales in the sub-$45,000 small SUV race, more than doubling that of its closest-rivalling Mazda CX-30.

What are the MG ZS and ZST price changes?

MG offers drive-away pricing, so all the figures you see are on-road charges.

The MG ZS is available in sole Excite grade, and its price remains $23,990.

The MG ZST has steady prices for Core and Vibe grades, at $26,990 and $28,990 respectively.

MG ZST 2021 rear 3/4 ocean
Prices for ZST have been reduced on some grades

But the higher-grade ZST Excite and ZST Essence have $1000 reductions, now costing $31,990 and $33,990 respectively.

MG’s other SUV, the HS midsize SUV, has also seen $1000 price drops for its two highest grades, but the MG3 city car has seen another $500 rise for its Core and Core with Nav grades.

MG ZS EV faces ever-increasing competition

Formerly Australia’s cheapest electric car, the MG ZS EV has been usurped by the BYD Dolphin, which costs from $39,490 drive-away depending on your state.

At the start of the year, MG dropped the ZS EV’s nationwide drive-away price, meaning the headline $44,990 ‘in the traffic’ for the entry-level Excite was lost.

MG ZS EV long range 2023 driving
The MG ZS EV is facing more competition from rivals

Price rises were seen across the country as a result – an over $4000 hike in WA for instance – but prices have generally now dropped with this new July pricing.

A full list of the drive-away pricing depending on your state or territory is below, but the biggest reduction is seen in ACT, where an MG ZS EV is down over $1200 to $45,287.

The before on-roads prices are $42,990 for a ZS EV Excite; $44,990 for the ZS EV Essence, and $55,990 for the ZS EV Long Range.

The eagerly-anticipated MG4 hatchback is due here in October, priced from $38,990 before on-roads for the Excite with 51kWh battery. It has a claimed WLTP range of 350km.

MG ZS 2023 pricing in Australia:

All prices list are driveaway

  • ZS Excite: $23,990 (no change)
  • ZST Core: $26,990
  • ZST Vibe: $28,990
  • ZST Excite: $31,990 (-$1000)
  • ZST Essence: $33,990 (-$1000)

ZS EV Excite:

  • ACT: $45,287 (-$1234)
  • NSW: $45,709 (-$1000)
  • NT: $45,289 (-$906)
  • QLD: $46,297 (-$1022)
  • SA: $46,911 (-$1029)
  • TAS: $45,284 (-$1000)
  • VIC: $47,337 (-$1079)
  • WA: $48,190 (-$940)

ZS EV Essence:

  • ACT: $49,287 (-$234)
  • NSW: $49,709 (no change)
  • NT: $49,289 (+$94)
  • QLD: $50,377 (-$2)
  • SA: $51,071 (+$11)
  • TAS: $49,284 (no change)
  • VIC: $51,505 (-$37)
  • WA: $52,701 (+$183)

ZS EV Long Range:

  • ACT: $57,287
  • NSW: $57,709
  • NT: $57,469
  • QLD: $58,537
  • SA: $59,391
  • TAS: $57,284
  • VIC: $59,841
  • WA: $61,367