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MG Australian sales nearly triple to 40,000 cars in 2021


MG has had a great year, selling more than double the amount of cars in Australia in 2021 when compared to its 2020 figures

MG is now a dominant force in the Australian new car market, posting significant sales figures in 2021. Thanks to its range of competitively priced vehicles, MG has now become one of the best selling brands in Australia. 

In 2021, MG sold 39,025 cars to Australian buyers, a considerable increase from the 15,253 sold in 2020. So how does this break down for each model?

MG’s biggest seller was the MG ZS small SUV model which saw 18,423 examples leave showrooms in 2021 – a drastic increase from the 5494 examples sold in 2020. This model competes with cars such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Hyundai Kona

MG ZS EV 2022 plug charging
The MG ZS sold a total of 18,423 units in 2021

Next up was the MG3 hatchback, a competitor for the Mazda 2 and Volkswagen Polo which sold 13,774 examples, smashing its 2020 figures of 7158 cars. 

Finally, the MG HS mid-size SUV sold 6828 examples, again up from its figures from 2020 of 2600. It competes against cars such as the Hyundai Tucson and Toyota RAV4

How do MG sales compare to bigger brands like Toyota and Volkswagen?

In December 2021, MG came in as the ninth best-selling brand in Australia, beating Subaru by more than 2000 cars. 

The MG 3 also sold well, with 13,774 cars leaving showrooms

MG was just behind massive power player Volkswagen who sold slightly more cars (40,770) and Nissan who sold 41,263 examples. 

MG still has a long way to go, though, if it is to beat the titans of the industry, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai and Ford.

MG HS 2022-2
MG was the ninth best-selling brand in Australia for 2021

Toyota sold five times as many cars as MG in 2021, totalling 223,642. Mazda followed in second place with 101,119 sales and then Hyundai with 72,872 cars. 

If MG continues its sales success story, it could very well reach the higher ends of the sale charts. 

MG: 2021 sales in Australia by model

  • MG ZS small SUV: 18,423
  • MG MG3 hatchback: 13,774
  • MG HS midsize SUV: 6828