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Singer to develop turbocharged Porsche vehicles for the first time


Singer has responded to requests from owners to take things to the next level and offer turbocharged versions of its cars

Singer, the creator of some of the most desirable restored and modified air-cooled Porsches, will go to new extremes when it starts restoring Porsches with turbocharged engines. 

The Turbo Study by Singer is a response to several requests from owners wanting the brand to go down the turbocharged route – and the answer is resoundingly yes. 

Singer has taken a classic 930 Turbo and given it the full Singer treatment inside and out, from lightweight bodywork to upgraded brakes and, of course, alterations to the engine. 

Singer Porsche 930 Turbo rear 3/4
It might look like a ‘standard’ 930 Turbo but this thing is next level

3.8-litre twin-turbocharged engine 

Beginning with the heart of every Singer project, the engine has been derived from the 964 generation of air cooled cars and uses a new generation of the “Mezger” air-cooled flat-six. 

The engine is a 3.8-litre unit which features twin turbochargers with an electric wastegate. Bespoke air to water intercoolers sit inside the intake plenums. 

Cold air is supplied to the engine through the shark fin on the rear fender which acts as an intake. 

Singer Porsche 930 Turbo engine compartment
The 3.8-litre twin turbo flat six is capable of 335kW minimum!

Power outputs for this engine start at 335kW (450hp) but can be uniquely tailored to each owner’s personal preferences.

The flat-six is paired to a six-speed manual transmission and is exclusively rear-wheel-drive. The 930’s brakes are carbon ceramic units.  

The body is wrapped extensively in carbon fibre to reduce mass and enhance stiffness of the body. 

Singer Porsche 930 Turbo interior
This isn’t just a engine tune up: Singer will restore the interior as well

How to buy a Singer Porsche in Australia

Pricing for the Singer Porsche 930 Turbo depends on the exact specification requested by the buyer, but these cars do not come cheap. 

Singer Porsche 930 Turbo whale tail
The signature ‘whale tail’ features on the Singer Porsche 930 Turbo

Firstly, customers have to provide a donor vehicle for Singer to work with. It is not uncommon for clients to pay upwards of $850,000 to have the restoration work done by the company.

Singer Porsches will be available in Australia through the Zagame Automotive Group – at appropriately exclusive price points.

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