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Ford Ranger 2022: bigger bed, smarter features for next-generation ute


Ford has implemented a long list of incremental improvements to the Ranger in an effort to make its new ute more liveable and useful than ever before

Ford Australia has released key technical details and improvements made to the 2022 Ranger that should make this new-generation ute one of the most versatile in its class.

When the T6.2 Ranger was unveiled late last year, Ford provided important on key aspects such as the V6 powertrain and the increased width but the latest update gives us a more definitive understanding of what the Ranger will be like to live and work with every day.

Ford says it incorporated the slew of changes after interviewing 5000 ute owners to learn how they actually use their vehicle and what they want for the next one.

The tray is fitted with nine-point adjustable tie-down points

A bigger, more versatile tray

The width of the 2022 Ranger has increased by 50mm over the old model, which has paid dividends to the size of the rear tray that has grown to a class-leading 1233 litres, according to Ford.

Tradies will be happy to learn the Ranger is now able to swallow a standard size European pallet (1200mm by 800mm), an ability that was previously held exclusively by the current-generation Volkswagen Amarok.

The bed length measures between 1544mm and 2305mm depending on the variant and type of tray chosen. A specific width measurement was not provided.

The tray is wider and the bedliner allows the driver to slot in divers to arrange cargo as needed

Ford has fitted the rear tray with cleats mounted on nine-point adjustable rails to provide load securing flexibility alongside the additional six tie-down points.

The Ranger Wildtrack grades gain side rails that run alongside the bed to easy mount cargo, but can also be used as an additional tie-down point to make sure “that’s not going anywhere”.

It’s also a lot easier to get into the tray with steps added onto the rear corners of the tray to help heave yourself up.

Increased under-seat storage and exterior side steps aim to increase usability

Smarter features

Designers have fitted out the load box with a more knee-friendly bedliner design and a durable plastic material has been added on the top of the tailgate and sides to protect the surface from getting smashes up by cargo when you slide it in.

Ford has fitted the tray with divider slots that drivers can utilise by sliding in a piece of cut-to-size wood to store smaller items that would otherwise crowd the cabin.

The tray also features a 12-volt outlet, a supported tailgate that can be raised and lowered with one hand while also doubling at a workbench when folding out. With mounting points for clamps and even a built-in ruler on Rangers without a bedliner.

Campers will appreciate the increase in roof load limits, which can hold up to 350kg when standing still and 85kg when on the move – along with a dedicated spot under the bonnet to mount a second battery. 

More cup holders are always a good thing

Increased interior practicality

The rear seats flip up to reveal more space underneath without compromising the ability to fold them back down in place. Alternatively, the back of the seat can be folded down to provide a flat surface for storage.

Ford is also offering to fit an auxiliary switch bank on Ranger Wildtrack grades, that provides a tidy way to control some of the over 600 aftermarket accessories available through Ford, which we have detailed in a previous article.

A retractable cup holder has also been fitted on the driver’s side with claws big enough to hold a coffee suitable for a 3am wakeup.

As we slowly get closer to the T6.2 Ranger’s on-sale date in mid-2022, more details including pricing and exact specifications are expected to be released soon.