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Volkswagen ID Buzz 2024: EV van be to priced 20 to 30 percent higher than current Multivan 


Volkswagen Australia’s commercial vehicles arm has revealed where in the price range the all-electric van is hoped to be pitched

Volkswagen’s fully-electric ID Buzz Pro and ID Buzz Cargo vans were recently unveiled to Australian press at an event in Sydney. 

During the event, details surrounding Volkswagen Australia’s plan for the rollout of future vehicles was revealed, with a special focus on the electric ID van. 

Despite the fact that VW’s local arm is still yet to receive the green light for the ID Buzz, the brand seems confident that that it will be a worthy competitor in the electric van segment, coming up against the likes of the LDV Mifa 9, the Mercedes eVito, and the Ford E-Transit.

2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Pro rear 3/4 open
The ID.Buzz Pro is still yet to be confirmed for the Australian market

Revealed in Pro and Cargo forms in Sydney, both forms of the ID Buzz are slated for an Australian debut with the same powertrain. 

This consists of a 77kWh battery that powers a single electric motor on the rear axle which produces 150kW and 310Nm. 

In terms of range, both models are rated to 410km according to the WLTP testing cycle, and can be charged at a maximum DC rate of up to 175kW. 

2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo front open
The ID.Buzz Cargo can fit two pallets in its cargo bay

According to Ryan Davies, the Director of Volkswagen Australia’s Commercial Vehicle arm, the business case for the ID Buzz in Australia “is fundamentally approved” adding that the “technical elements are going through the process of being signed off now.”

Considering that confirmation of the ID Buzz in Australia is still pending, it’s of little surprise that Volkswagen Australia wasn’t willing to share pricing information, though Davies did give an indication. 

When asked if the ID Buzz will follow industry trends of getting a 20 to 30 per cent price increase as an EV over its ICE counterpart, Davies seemed confident that this would be the case. 

2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Pro front seats
A range of colours can be had inside the ID.Buzz

“I think that the numbers that you’ve quoted around 20 to 30 percent are probably more the target range,” Davies said. 

“A Multivan is currently around that $70,000 mark for an average spec car. So if you’re talking about a 100 percent increase on that we’re talking about $150,000, and that’s not where we’re pitching (ID.Buzz),” he added. 

Using this logic, if the Volkswagen ID Buzz comes in at a 25 percent premium over the current Multivan at $70,000, this would mean that the EV van would be priced at $87,500. 

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