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McLaren has not been sold to Audi, says the Woking firm


Following reports that Audi would purchase the UK supercar and F1 manufacturer, McLaren has denied that this will be happening

There has been a high level of confusion over the potential sale of the McLaren Group after a source reported to UK publication Autocar that Audi had bought the Woking firm. 

Autocar believed that this was a move by Audi to enter Formula One racing, however the McLaren Group has quashed those claims. 

In a brief statement, the UK firm said that “McLaren’s technology strategy has always involved ongoing discussions and collaboration with relevant partners and suppliers, including other carmakers, however, there has been no change in the ownership structure of the McLaren Group.”

2020 McLaren 765LT - 4
McLaren has fired back saying it has not been purchased by Audi.

The brand also said that the story published was “wholly inaccurate”. 

Such a move by Audi would have meant it could finally enter the world of Formula One, however the larger Volkswagen Group has been in talks about entering the sport by supplying Porsche powertrains from 2026 onwards. Nothing has been confirmed, however. 

McLaren has been a part of Formula One since 1966 and has used engines from manufacturers such as Honda, Renault, Ford and now Mercedes-Benz

2021 Mclaren 720S DR edition
The McLaren 720S Daniel Ricciardo Edition, one of three cars.

Several famous drivers including Nikki Lauda, James Hunt, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna have all driven for McLaren over the years. 

Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are the two current drivers for the McLaren F1 team. 

According to the firm, McLaren will operate as per normal into the future with no changes to be made to its ownership structure

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