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Toyota RAV4 price increase: exchange rates and increased costs blamed for higher prices


Following a range-wide price increase for its popular RAV4 midsize SUV, Toyota Australia has provided an explanation

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) has blamed a combination of currency fluctuations along with increased shipping and manufacturing costs for its decision to raise the price of the 2022 RAV4 midsize SUV this week.

The change saw prices increase by $100 and $750 across the range despite the RAV4 gaining no additional equipment to offset the increase.

 It comes just weeks after TMCA released the updated pricing for the facelifted RAV4 which saw a series of small changes implemented for the 2022 model year.

Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid 2022-1
Toyota Australia has increased the price of the RAV4 by between $100 and $750

 A spokesperson for Toyota Australia told Chasing Cars it had “reluctantly” increased the price of the RAV4 due to higher costs on the supply side.

The spokesperson confirmed that Australian RAV4 buyers who had placed their order before 1 March 2022 would not be affected by the price change.

“Importantly, these changes do not apply to any confirmed orders taken before the end of February, irrespective of delivery date.”

“Toyota strives to avoid price changes beyond model updates and the introduction of new and expanded features; however, from time to time, such changes are made necessary by other factors that can include currency, shipping and manufacturing costs,” said the Toyota spokesperson.

It comes after multiple manufacturers, including Audi and Mitsubishi, raised the prices of their vehicles while quoting similar issues with rising material costs and logistics.

Toyota RAV4 Edge Hybrid 2022 lights
More expensive grades have generally seen the biggest increases

RAV4 price increases by grade

Toyota increased the price of the RAV4 by between 1.5 and 1.7 percent, with the more expensive grades generally hit the hardest.

The entry-level RAV4 GX saw a $100 increase and in doing so raised the price of entry to $34,400 before on-road costs and the cheapest hybrid to $36,900.

Buyers opting for the GXL saw a slightly larger increase of $125 followed by the hybrid-only XSE grade saw a bump of $425.

The popular RAV4 Cruiser grade was the hardest hit with a $750 increase across the range while the range-topping rugged Edge saw a lesser jump of $380 

Read more about the Toyota RAV4 and what each grade includes in our separate article.

Toyota RAV4 2022: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • GX 2WD petrol: $34,400 (+$100) 
  • GX 2WD hybrid: $36,900 (+$100) 
  • GX AWD hybrid: $39,900 (+$100) 
  • GXL 2WD petrol: $37,950 (+$125) 
  • GXL 2WD hybrid: $40,450 (+$125) 
  • GXL AWD hybrid: $43,450 (+$125) 
  • XSE 2WD hybrid: $43,250 (+$425)
  • XSE AWD hybrid: $46,250 (+$425)
  • Cruiser 2WD petrol: $43,250 (+$750)
  • Cruiser 2WD hybrid: $45,750 (+$750)
  • Cruiser AWD hybrid: $48,750 (+$750)
  • Edge AWD petrol: $50,200 (+$380)
  • Edge AWD hybrid: $52,700 (+$380)