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Volkswagen Golf set to go EV as brand reportedly redirects ID2 resources to retain classic name


Smaller than the ID3, Volkswagen’s ID2 will reportedly live on as an electric Golf, with a GTI still a possibility

As yet another entry to Volkswagen’s ever-growing all-electric ID family, the ID2 hatch has been understood to be set for a European release date in 2025 as a smaller and lower-cost alternative to the existing ID3 hatch.

However, if a report from UK automotive outlet Autocar is to be believed, Volkswagen may have redirected resources from the ID2 program, with a plan hatched to save the classic Golf name from the dustbin.

While the Polo-sized ID2, based on a cheaper platform, could still come to fruition later, Volkswagen is reportedly considering using work completed so far on the ID2 to build a more sophisticated all-new Mk 9 Golf with all-electric power.

Volkswagen ID.Life Concept
The Volkswagen ID Life concept was previously thought to become the ID2

According to the British publication, sources have confirmed that the reborn electric Golf will debut Volkswagen’s new MEB Plus platform, a revised and upgraded version of the widely used MEB electric platform utilised by today’s ID3 hatch that is not sold in Australia. 

This means that the Golf EV won’t share the low-cost MEB-21/MEB Small platform with the Cupra Urban Rebel which is also slated for use by Volkswagen’s eventual Polo-sized EV, plus a Skoda model. Cupra is leading development on the cheaper version of MEB platform for the Volkswagen Group.

When bringing the model to market, it seems that Volkswagen is looking to cash in on the Golf’s iconic moniker, with Volkswagen’s former CEO Thomas Schäfer telling Autocar that it’s a front-runner. 

The Cupra Urban Rebel will be a similar size to the Volkswagen ID2

“The Golf name has huge value. The recognition it receives at [customer] clinics – people absolutely understand what we are talking about. So to change the name to something completely different doesn’t make sense,” Schäfer reportedly said. 

It was previously thought that the Volkswagen ID2 would take the shape of the ID Life crossover concept, but it’s likely that it will become more of a traditional hatchback, under the guidance of new design boss Andreas Mindt. 

This ID2 will likely be offered as a front-wheel drive, single motor electric hatchback, meaning the Golf moniker would be a perfect fit, given the vehicle’s history. 

Volkswagen ID4 pro 2023 front 3/4 driving
The GTX badge on the ID4 will reportedly be replaced with a GTI badge

Further to this point, Schäfer has reportedly given the green light for the return of the GTI badge on electric models, which is set to replace the GTX badge previously seen on the ID4.

If the aforementioned revived electric Golf was to get a GTI badge, it could be backed up by a similar powertrain to what we’ve already seen in the Cupra Urban Rebel. 

With a single motor on the front axle, the Urban Rebel makes 166kW/400Nm, and can hit 100km/h in 6.9-seconds, which is in the same ballpark as the current Mk8 Golf GTI. 

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