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New Haval B07 hybrid midsize SUV will boast over 100 km electric range


This new midsize SUV from China claims over 100km of electric range while using just 5.5L/100km even when its battery is low on charge

GWM Haval has unveiled its new hybrid midsize SUV code-named the B07 which seeks to bridge the gap between traditional hybrids and plug-in hybrid drivetrains. 

The B07 is set to go on sale in China next month and could be offered in Australia under the Haval sub-brand though no local release details have been confirmed as of yet.

GWM has unveiled its new midsize SUV known as the B07

The Chinese carmarker unveiled its ‘Hi4’ drivetrain earlier this week. This tech slots into the B07, allowing it to claim an electric driving range of over 100 km, and a total range with electricity and petrol of over 1200 km according to WLTP testing.

For context, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV midsize SUV claims the ability to travel 84km on a single charge, though that figure is tested according to the more lenient NEDC standard.

Perhaps more impressive, however, is that GWM engineers claim the B07 uses just 5.5L/100km even when the 20kWh battery is in a low state of charge.

The B07 aims to bridge the gap between traditional and plug-in hybrids

“Traditional PHEV loses all the efficiency gained by the short 50-60km EV range due to heavier battery weight using an ICE engine, and make the car not very energy efficient after all,” said GWM’s B07 product manager.

Rear-biased hybrid system and nearly 600Nm of torque

Although various forms of the Hi4 hybrid systems are more potent, GWM says the B07 has a total system output of 205kW of power and 585Nm of torque.

The system is expected to use GWM’s 80kW/135Nm 1.5-litre naturally aspirated engine, with a 120kW/240Nm turbocharged version also on offered in other models.

A rear-biased drivetrain will also be included

The B07 then makes use of a 150kW/350Nm electric motor on the rear axle and a 70kW motor at the front.

Those outputs will make the B07 competitive performance-wise with rivals like the Outlander PHEV and the Lexus NX450h+.

Big screens and new software inside the cabin

In addition to the new hybrid technology, GWM says the B07 will pack its latest-generation Coffee operating system, which is displayed on a pair of 12.3-inch displays, with one servicing multimedia needs and the other a digital gauge cluster.

GWM is updating its operating system

Measuring 4758 mm long, 1895mm wide, 1725 mm tall and packing a 2800 mm wheelbase, the B07 has a slightly larger footprint than both the long-wheelbase Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage midsize SUVs that are sold in Australia. 

The B07 packs a reasonably large boot measuring 551L when measured according to the VDA standard used in Australia, or 1377L when the back seats are folded.

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